Carole Bowling

Year Item # Name Description Series Height Edition Size Cost Artist Sculptor
1999 C54685 Ena Thai baby dressed in yellow pants w/ embroidered jacket/ brown hair/ brown eyes/ named for youngest child in "The King & I". Toddler 15 5000 137.00 Carole Bowling Original
2004 C15781 Ena Tiny Tot Thai baby named after the youngest child in "The King & I". Tiny Tot 5 Open 39.95 Carole Bowling Original
2002 C19933 Faith Mint green organza gown, satin underskirt, green velvet bodice/ imitation pearl accents/ carries purse in the asian tradition. Always a Bridesmaid 13.5 2500 89.25 Carole Bowling Original
2002 C107672 Hope Lavender taffeta & tulle/ beautiful African-American girl created in porcelain. Always a Bridesmaid 14 2500 89.50 Carole Bowling Original
2001 C103204 Isabel Hand-made especially for the beginning of Marie's 10th anniversary year/ human hair wig/ resin/ hand knitted socks/ imported shoes. Edition 10 14 10 1,569.00 Carole Bowling Original
2002 C74386 Nikela African American/ light blue dotted swiss dress/ named after a good friend of Marie's/ first doll in the series. Waxallure 15 500 140.00 Carole Bowling Original
2007 C2423 Nikela Tiny Tot Sheer light blue dress w/ tiny bow accents & dark brown curly hair w/ ribbon accent/ brown eyes/ wax over porcelain. Tiny Tot 9 500 79.00 Carole Bowling  
2002 C74383 Patience A light-hearted depiction to a single woman's plight to be "Always a Bridesmaid", never a bride!/  Younger version of a vingtage bridesmaid dress/ pink dress. Always a Bridesmaid 15 2500 89.50 Carole Bowling Original
1999 C57082 Saundra Blonde hair/ cotton floral print in soft lavender & blue hues. Toddler 15 5000 125.00 Carole Bowling Original
2003 C2750 Saundra Tiny Tot Introduced in 1999, "Saundra" was a blond-haired, blue-eyed cutie in a blue floral print dress/ Originally, "Saundra's" sculptor was listed as "anonymous", but we now proudly reveal that she is a Carole Bowling sculpt. Tiny Tot 5.5 Open 41.75 Carole Bowling Original
2002 C107670 Taki Red satin dress w/ cherry blossom floral print/ trimmed w/ black binding & accents/ named after an early childhood, family friend/ resin. Children of the World 16 2500 130.00 Carole Bowling Original