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California Girls

Those with have a full page. The names without have a photo.

Year Item # Name Description Series Height Edition Size Cost Artist Sculptor
2001 C43362 California Girl As the famous Beach Boys tune declares, "I wish they all could be California Girls"/ "California Girl" has a reproduction "Dotty Darling" face/ dressed in bikini. California Girls 9.5" Standing 5000 59.75 N/A Repro Dotty Darling
2001 C65164 East Coast Girl Hip, hot & "haute"!/ trendy zebra print dress with teal & black accents/ you'll "really dig the style she wears!". California Girls 9 5000 58.50 N/A Repro Dotty Darling
2002 C104032 Hawaiian Girl Sun-kissed by the tropical sun of the islands & dressed in a Hawaiian-print bathing suit & cover-up. California Girl 9 5000 59.75 Reproduction Repro Dotty Darling
2001 C59107 Mid-West Girl A barefoot, care-free, rolled-up-jeans kind of girl/ carries basket full of daisies. California Girls 9.5 5000 58.50 N/A Repro Dotty Darling
2001 C65142 Northern Girl Ski outfit complete w/ skis, jacket w/ faux fur trim, ski pants and faux fur lined ski boots. California Girls 9 5000 58.50 N/A Repro Dotty Darling
2002 C74387 Southern Girl A sweet southern belle with all the trimmin's. California Girls 9 5000 58.76 Reproduction Repro Dotty Darling

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