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Bitty Bunnies

The Tiny Tot versions of the Velveteen Bunny series.

Those with have a full page. The names without have a photo.

Year Item # Name Description Series Height Edition Size Cost Artist Sculpt
2006 C3888 Blossom Bitty Bunny Soft pink plush bunny body/ wearing a frilly spring bonnet w/ lots of lavender lace & tied w/ a pink satin bow/ Anniversary price $29.97. Bitty Bunny 5 Open 36.50 Linda Henry  
2004 C00661 Fuzzy Baby & Hareit Bitty Bunnies "Hareiat" (the mother) lovingly cuddles her "Fuzzy Baby", and is dressed in a pink print w/ blue trim apron. Bitty Bunnies 5 Open 51.25 Linda Henry Original
2004 C00636 Hareloom Bitty Bunny Miniaturized version of the plush & porcelain original/cream colored fur/ gold trim. Bitty Bunnies 5.5 Open 36.00 Linda Henry Original
2005 C24396 Rosemarie & Robbie Bitty Bunnies "Rosemarie” wears a stunning white beaded & netting bridal gown/ “Robbie’s” black plush bunny body serves as his black tuxedo/ white pin-tucked shirtfront w/ a red cummerbund & bow tie. Bitty Bunnies 5 Open 78.25 Linda Henry Original
2003 C0955 Santa Bunny & Mrs Paws Bitty Bunnies Dressed as Santa & Mrs.  Claus/ porcelain-faced. Bitty Bunnies 5.5 Open 69.50 Linda Henry Original

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