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Best Friends

Each doll in this series has their own "best friend" from the animal world. Amy, Michael & Erin are similar to the toddler dolls and Chrissy, Georgia and Hillary are standing with baskets to hold their friends.

Those with have a full page. The names without have a photo.

Year Item # Name Description Series Height Edition Size Cost Artist Sculptor
2001 C103207 Abigail Floral print dress w/ a sheer, white pinafore accented w/ embroidery/ blond, cascading ringlets/ holds her favorite kitty. Best Friends 23 1500 173.25 Kathy Smith-Fitzpatrick Original
1991 C7606 Amy Pink cotton candy in her sheer pink dress w/ shiny metallic threads/ embroidered collar of sheer white is in a Peter Pan style embellished w/ a flower centered double loop bow at the front/ plush lop eared bunny w/ pink accents/ short, soft brown hair. Best Friends 14/22 2500 215.00 Linda Henry Original
1996 C17953 Chrissy Ash blond curls/ country floral print dress w/ ecru cotton apron w/ delicate lace trim/ named after Marie's brother, Virl's wife/ holds her pet stuffed puppy. Best Friends 21 5000 175.00 Margaret Yokee Original
1992 C9635 Erin Pink & white striped cotton dress w/ matching shoes/ shawl collar trimmed w/ pink satin/ white petticoat w/ lace trim peeks out from under the dress/ cuddling white bunny with pink accents and ribbons. Best Friends 20 2500 178.50 M. Nicole Original
1992 C9637 Georgia Cotton print jumper over a blue cotton turtleneck/ blonde hair topped off w/ straw hat/ carrying a white wicker basket w/ a small white kitten/ named for Marie's mother-in-law. Best Friends 20 2500 179.00 M. Nicole Original
1992 C9636 Hillary Red haired girl w/ ducks. Best Friends 20 2500 178.50 M. Nicole Original
1991 C7607 Michael White & blue print outfit/ soft puppy. Best Friends 14/22 2500 215.00 Linda Henry Original

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