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Artist Portraits

Baby sculpts that Marie's artists did of themselves.

Those with have a full page. The names without have a photo.

Year Item # Name Description Series Height Edition Size Cost Artist Sculptor
2006 C26137 Baby Beverly Virginia Sculpt of the artist herself as a baby/ soft pink organza dress trimmed in small embroidered roses/ sash & bow of light green netting/ gold tone necklace w/ initial "B" in simulated diamonds. Artist Portrait 12 1500 148.00 Beverly Stoehr Original
2006 C26728 Baby Jo Ann Marie commissioned talented artist, Jo Ann Pohlman, to sculpt herself as a baby, & what an adorable baby she is! Artist Portrait 11 1200 146.75 Jo Ann Pohlmann Original
2006 C3994 Baby Karen Sculpt of the artist herself as a baby/ authentically costumed in a dress that Karen's mother handmade for her/ printed copy of a sketch her father drew of Karen as a baby. Artist Portrait 14 1200 158.00 Karen Scott Original
2006 C26746 Baby Ping Authentic pink & red costume showing her heritage in Singapore/ brown eyes. Artist Portrait 13 1200 148.00 Ping Lau Original
2006 C1414
Baby Sonja Marie commissioned her dear friend & award-winning artist, Sonja Bryer, to sculpt herself as a baby, & Marie feels it is one of Sonja’s best works of porcelain art. Artist Portrait 12 1200 149.00 Sonja Bryer  

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