Dolls in Alphabetical Order P - Z

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Updated 8/21/14

Name Series
Pansy Babies A Bloom
Paper Roses Fashion Doll
Pansy Blossom Tot Babies a Bloom Blossoms
Pansy Blossom Tot Babies a Bloom Blossoms
Paper Roses Baby Marie Toddler
Paper Roses Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Paris Posh Bitty Belle Mop Top Bitty Belle
Partridge/Two Turtle Doves 12 Days of Christmas
Patchwork Patty Quilting Cousins
Patience Always a Bridesmaid
Patricia Dear to My Heart
Patricia Lynne Edition 10
Patricia Lynne Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Patti Princess Bitty Mop Top Bitty Belle
Patty Cake First Things First
Paula Petite Amour
Peace On Earth Petite Amour Toddler
Peace Rose Coming Up Roses
Peace Rose Bud Rose Buds
Peaceable Becoming Butterflies
Peaches & Cream Crème de le Crème
Peanut Butter Cup Confection Collection
Peek-A-Boo Toddler
Peek-A-Boo Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Peggy Toddler
Penelope Collectibles
Peppermint Snowflakes Keepsake
Peppermint Too Sweets Tot Confection Collection
Perfection Home Decor
Petals Toddler
Peter Pan Fairytale
Peyton Portrait
Picture Perfect Magic of Christmas
Pie Jesu Fashion Doll Fashion Doll
Pierre Miracle Children
Pin case Collector Pins
Pink for the Cure Toddler
Pink Ruffles Pin Cushion Home Decor
Pinky Somewhere in Time
Pinky & Blue Boy Petite Amour Toddler
Pixie-Dusted Tink Disney Babies
Pixie-Dusted Tinker Bell Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
PJ Portrait
Platinum Rose Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Playful in Pink Toddler
Playing Doctor I Can Dream
Playing Dolls My Favorite Things
Playing Mommy I Can Dream
Poinsettia Flower Babies
Poinsettia Four Seasons
Polly Poodle Babies-A-Bloom - A Girls Best Friend
Polly Pumpkin Petite Amour
Poppy Babies A Bloom
Pretty in Periwinkle Captivating in Color
Princess Coming Up Roses
Princess - Native American Beauty Native American Beauties
Princess and the Pea Home Decor
Princess and the Pea Story Book
Princess Rose Bud Rose Buds
Princess Rose Bud Ornament Rose Bud Ornaments
Priscilla Classical Beauties
Puddin' Bare Bottoms
Pumpkin & Patches Petite Amour Toddlers
Pumpkin Spice Rag A Muffin
Puppy Love Expressions of Love
Puppy Love Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Put On A Happy Face Musical Moments
Queen Bee Beauty Bug Ball
Queen Bee Bitty Beauty Bug Bitty Beauty Bug
Queen Bee Vinyl Beauty Bug Ball Toy Collection
Queen Elizabeth Coming Up Roses
Queen Elizabeth Rose Bud Rose Buds
Queen Elizabeth Rose Bud Ornament Rose Bud Ornaments
Queen of Hearts Disney Villians
Rachael Toddler
Rachael Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Rachelle N/A
Radiance Becoming Butterflies
Rae Collectibles
Rag a Muffin Baker’s Rack Rag a Muffin
Rags Twins
Raimi Somewhere in Time
Rain Dropper Heaven's Helpers
Rainbow Sherbet Ice Cream Kids
Ramona Royal Bitty Mop Top Bitty Belle
Rapunzel Fairy Tale
Rapunzel Once Upon a Dress
Rapunzel Let Your Hair Down Fairy Tale
Raspberry Cream Confection Collection
Raspberry Tart Strawberry Shortcake™
Raspberry Tart Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Rebecca Miracle Children
Red Elegance Home Decor
Red Velvet Toddler
Red, White & Blue Carnivals and Fun Keepsake Keepsake
Reflections Edition 15
Remember Me Coming Up Roses
Remember Me Rose Bud Rose Buds
Remember Me Rose Bud Ornament Rose Bud Ornaments
Reverie Becoming Butterflies
Rita Babies A Bloom
Robbie Rabbit Velveteen Rabbit
Robin Artful Reflections
Rock-a-Bye Bunny Velveteen Rabbit
Rocky Road Ice Cream Kids
Roly Poly Bare Bottoms
Romance Collectibles
Romance Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Romeo & Juliet Little Loves
Rosa Leigh Collectibles
Rosebud Babies A Bloom
Rose Bud Bouquet Rose Buds
Rose Marie And Sew On
Rose Marie Holiday And Sew On
Rose Marie Holiday Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Rose Marie Springtime And Sew On
Rosemarie & Robbie Bitty Bunnies Bitty Bunnies
Rosemarie Rabbit Velveteen Rabbit
Rosemary Collectibles
Rosemary Bru  
Rosemary Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Rosey Wall Flowers
Rosie & Rags Twins
Rosie & Rags as Mickey & Minnie Twins
Rosie & Rags as Mickey & Minnie Ornaments Twins
Rosie & Rags as Mr. & Mrs. Claus Twins
Rosie & Rags Clowning Around Twins
Rosie & Rags Tiny Tots Tiny Tot
Rubina Collectibles
Rubina Fairy Tot Fairy Tot
Rudy Somewhere in Time
Ruella Raspberry Bitty Belle Mop Top Bitty Belle
Ruffle Bum Baby Toddler
Ruffles and Roses Toddler
Russia Dolls Around the World
Rylee Toddler
Rylee Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Sabrina Collectibles
Sabrina Fairy Tot Tiny Fairy
Santa Baby Toddler
Santa Baby Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Santa Bunny Velveteen Rabbit
Santa Bunny & Mrs Paws Bitty Bunnies Bitty Bunnies
Santa Claus Petite Amour
Santa's Helper Petite Amour
Santa's Workshop Christmas
Sara Elizabeth Portrait
Sarafina Snowflake Christmas
Sarah Country Girl
Sarita Country Girl
Sasha 2007 Toddler
Sasha Toddler
Sasha Springtime Toddler
Satin Material Girls
Satin Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Saundra Toddler
Saundra Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Savannah Injured
Savannah Marie Toddler
Savannah Marie Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Scarlet Classical Beauty
Scooter Pie Little Me
Sealed With A Kissy Twin
Sealed With a Kissy Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Send in the Clowns Tiny Dancers
Serenity Becoming Butterflies
Set of Four 5" Toddler Dolls-TSV Tiny Tot
Seven Swans-A-Swimming/ Eight Maids-A-Milking 12 Days of Christmas
Shannon Miracle Children
Shao Pang Children of the World
Shao Pang Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Sharon Eileen Toddler
Shawn Miracle Children
Sheila Trunk
Sheila Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Shelby Dear to My Heart
Shelby Fairy Tale
Shelley Collectibles
Sherry Cherry Fun Fruits
Sherry Cherry Fruit Cup Fruit Cup
Shoa Mei Toddler
Siamese Children On Broadway
Silver Lining Toddler
Sir Stink Bug Beauty Bug Ball
Sir Stink Bug Bitty Beauty Bug Bitty Beauty Bug
Sissy Sugar & Spice
Sisterly Love Miracle Children
Sitting Pretty Collector Club
Sleep Tight Magic of Christmas
Sleeping Beauty Fairy Tale
Sleeping Beauty Home Decor
Sleeping Beauty - Disneyland 50th Anniversary Disneyland 50th Anniversary Princesses
Sleeping Beauty Winter Wonder  
Small Dolls for all Seasons Tiny Tot
Small Dolls For All Seasons 2 Tiny Tot
Smart Cookie Toddler
Smart Cookie Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Snip'n Snowflakes Heaven's Helpers
Snips & Snails Petite Amour Toddler
Snow White Fairy Tale
Snow White 200th Anniversary  
Snow White - Disneyland 50th Anniversary Disneyland 50th Anniversary Princesses
Snow White Snowflake Disney Babies
Snow White Snowflake Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Snowball Bit-O-Bunny
Snowflake Babies A Bloom
Snowflake Blossom Babies A Bloom Blossom
Snuggle Bug Expressions of Love
Some Bunny Loves You Collectibles
Some Bunny to Love Velveteen Rabbit
Sonja Somewhere in Time
Sophia Collectibles
Sophie Brenn Miracle Babies
South Africa Dolls Around the World
Southern Girl California Girls
Special Dark Chocolate Hershey's Miniatrues
Spider Girl Babies A Bloom
Spring Changing Seasons
Spring Bouquet Four Seasons
Spring Daisy Toddler
Spring Fever Dolls for All Seasons
Spring Fever Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Spring Showers 4 Seasons Small Wonders
Springtime Splendor Portraits in Porcelain
St. Paddy & His Bonnie Lass Petite Amour Toddlers
Stacey Strawberry Fun Fruits
Stacey Strawberry Fruit Cup Fruit Cup
Star Twinkler Heaven's Helpers
Starry, Starry Night Collectibles
Stella Collectibles
Stephanie I Can Dream
Stephanie Miracle Children
Stephen Toddler
Stephen Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Stitchin' Stacey Quilting Cousins
Stopping for Directions Magic of Christmas
Strawberries & Cream Crème de le Crème
Strawberry Blondie Petite Amour
Strawberry Cheesecake Muffin Rag A Muffin
Strawberry Shortcake Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Strawberry Shortcake™ Strawberry Shortcake™
Sugar & Spice Petite Amour Toddler
Sugar Cookie Toddler
Sugar Cookie Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Summer Four Seasons
Summer Breeze Four Seasons
Summer Days 4 Seasons Small Wonders
Summer Romance Collectibles
Summer Sunset Dolls for All Seasons
Summer Sunset Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Summer Sunshine Toddler
Sunday Morning My Favorite Things
Sunday Stroll Collectibles
Sunflower Flower Babies
Sunflower Four Seasons Flowers
Sunny Jo Toddler
Sunrise/ Sunset Weebies
Sunshine & Happiness Toddler
Sunshine & Happiness Tiny Tots Tiny Tot
Sunshine & Smiles Keepsake Keepsake
Susie Toddler
Susie Butterfly Toddler
Susie Butterfly Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Susie Loving Tribute Toddler
Susie Rose Bouquet Toddler
Susie Rose Bouquet Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Susie Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Suzanne Toddler
Suzanne Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Sweet Baby Bridgette Toddler
Sweet Bonnie Toddler
Sweet Dreams My Favorite Things
Sweet Dreams Baby Sweet Dreams
Sweet Freedom Toddler
Sweet Pea Babies A Bloom
Sweet Pea Petite Amour Toddlers
Sweet Pea Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Sweet Settee Home Decor
Sweet Tranquility Toddler
Swiss Chocolate Cream Confection Collection
Sydney Toddler
Tabitha Collectibles
Tabitha Fairy Tot Tiny Tot
Taffeta Material Girls
Taffeta Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Taki Children of the World
Tammy Dear to My Heart
Tatiana Four Seasons Ballerina
Tawny Heartfelt
Tea Cup Treasures '96 Tea Cup Treasures
Tea For Two Collectibles
Tea For Two Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Teacher in Training Heaven's Helpers
Teddy & Me Artist Signature Heirloom
Teddy Bear Tea Party Toddler
Terri Two-Two Terrific Two Two
Terri-beau Bitty Belle
Tessa Collectibles
The Nutcracker Story Book
The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror™ Adora Belle Pin Trader Adora Belle
This Little Piggy Nursery Rhyme Time
Three French Hens/Four Calling Birds 12 Days of Christmas
Thumbelina Once Upon a Dress
Thumbelina Story Book
Tiffany Miracle Children
Tiffy Dear to My Heart
Tiger 3's a Charm
Timeless Home Decor
Timeless Quite A Pair
Timeless Treasures Reproduction Reproduction
Tina Miracle Children
Tinkerbell Keepsake Keepsake
Tiny Tears Tiny Triplets
Tiny Teddy Tiny Triplets
Tiny Tu Tu Tiny Triplets
Tiny Triplets Tiny Tot Trio Tiny Tot
Tomika Children of the World
Tooth Fairy When I Grow Up
Toy Fair Lanyard Collector Pins
Traci Miracle Children
Tranquility Becoming Butterflies
Tranquility Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Treats and Treasures Keepsake Keepsake
Tree House/ New Point of View Girl Tree House Tots
Tree Top Angel Christmas
Tree Top Angel 1999 Christmas
Tree Top Angel 2003 Christmas
Tree Topper Magic of Christmas
Tricia Trunk
Tricksy Toddler
Trudi Two-Two Terrific Two Two
TSV Favorites Collector Pins Collector Pins
TSV Favorites Collector Pins 2 Collector Pins
TSV Favorites Collector Pins 3 Collector Pins
TSV Favorites Collector Pins 4 Collector Pins
TSV Favorites Collector Pins 5 Collector Pins
Tulip Babies A Bloom/Blooms Around the World
Turtle Confection Collection
Tush Collectibles
Tutti Fairy Baby
Twas the Night Before Christmas Once Upon a Dress
Udderly Adora Belle Bitty Belle
Uncle Sam & Libby Petite Amour Toddler
Under the Mistletoe Magic of Christmas
USA Dolls Around the World
Usha Children of the World
Val Lovely in Lace
Valentine Keepsake Keepsake
Valerie Classical Beauty
Vanessa I Can Dream
Vanessa Trunk
Velvet Material Girls
Velvet Velveteen Rabbit
Velvet Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Veronica Violet Sweet Sachet
Very Beary in Love Toddler
Very Beary in Love Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Victoria Classics
Victoria Leigh Toddler
Victorian Bunny Love Collectibles
Victorian Christmas Victorian Holiday
Victorian Christmas Bunny Love Collectibles
Victorian Doll Head Ornament Stand Victorian Treasures
Victorian Valentine Victorian Holiday
Violetta Secret Garden
Virginia & Jordan Mother Child
Virginia Marie Hat Box
Vivian Collectibles
Vivian Toddler
Vopul Cactus Blooms Around the World
Watch Case Doll Collectibles
Watch Case Doll 2008 Collectibles
We Wish You A Merry Christmas Musical Moments
We Wish You a Merry Christmas Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Wedding Belle Adora Belle
Wee Bee Friends Wee Bees
Wee Care Heaven's Helper
Wendy Petite Amour
What’s Cookin’ Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
What's Cookin'? My Favorite Things
When Irish Eyes are Smiling Musical Moments
Whimsy Becoming Butterflies
Whipped Cream Crème de le Crème
White Angel Home Decor
White Chocolate Raspberry Too Sweets Tots
White Christmas Rose Coming Up Roses
White Christmas Rose Bud Rose Buds
Whoa! Small Talk
Wing Repairer Heaven's Helpers
Winter Blessing Toddler
Winter Blessing Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Winter Glow Dolls for All Seasons
Winter Glow Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Winter Splendor Four Seasons
Winter Wonderland 4 Seasons Small Wonders
Wish Upon a Starfish Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Witch Hazel Babies A Bloom
Would I Lie to You Marie Fashion Doll
Yellow Rose of Texas Coming Up Roses
Yellow Rose of Texas Tiny Tot Rose Buds
Yellow Rose of Texas Rose Bud Ornament Rose Bud Ornaments
Young Love Coming Up Roses
Young Love Rose Bud Rose Buds
Young Love Rose Bud Ornament Rose Bud Ornaments
You're Buggin' Me You're Buggin' Me
You’re Bugging Me Tinier Tot Tinier Tot
You've Been Very Good Quite A Pair
Yummy for his Tummy Magic of Christmas
Zinnia Four Seasons Flowers
Zoe Petite Amour
Zoe Ready For Fun Toddler