Dolls in Alphabetical Order J - O

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Updated 8/21/14

Name Series
Jack & Jill Petite Amour Toddler
Jacqueline Classical Beauties
Jacqueneta Fairy Rose Bud
Jasmine Classics
Jenna Toddler
Jennifer Injured
Jennifer Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Jenny & Jason Twins
Jessica Toddler
Jessica Toddler
Jessica Toddler
Jessica Heartfelt Heartfelt
Jessica Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Jessica's Daddy Daughter Date All Grown Up
Jessica's Wedding Day All Grown Up
Jillian Classics
Jingle Belle Adora Belle
Jingles & Belle Tiny Tots Tiny Tot
Jingles and Belle Twins
Jolly Holiday Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Journey My Favorite Things
Journey - A Passion for Pink My Favorite Things
Joy Four Seasons
Judy Mae Portrait
Julia Classical Beauties
Julie Anna Petite Amour
Julienne Rabbit Velveteen Rabbit
Juliette Story Book
Just Ducky My Pet
Just Peachy Bit O'Bunny
Justine Classics
Kamara Toddler
Karen Dear To My Heart
Katelyn Toddler
Katelyn Rose Toddler
Katharina Victorian Treasures
Katie Miracle Children
Katie Sue Toddler
Katie Sue Grandma's Rose Garden Toddler
Katie Sue Grandma's Rose Garden Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Katie Sue Happy Holiday Toddler
Katie Sue Happy Holidays Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Kayla Toddler
Keepsake Birthday Keepsake
Keepsake Bride and Groom Keepsake
Keepsake Christmas Keepsake
Keepsake Christmas 07 Keepsake
Keepsake Friendship Keepsake
Keepsake Kiss Someone Keepsake
Keepsake Sweet 16 Keepsake
Keepsake Valentine Keepsake
Keisha Toddler
Kelly Velveteen Rabbit
Kelly Jean N/A
Kendra N/A
Kesti Collectibles
Kesti 2002 Collectibles
Kesti Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Kiana Heartfelt
Kiki June Artist Signature Heirloom Collection
Kim N/A
Kim Waxallure
Kimberly Christmas
Kimberly - 2006 Somewhere in Time
King On Broadway
King and Queen of Hearts Petite Amour Toddlers
KISSES Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Kissy Artist Signature Heirloom Collection
Kissy Twins
Kissy & Huggs Tiny Tots Tiny Tot
Kissy It All Better Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Kissy-Mistle Ho Ho Ho Twins
Kissy Under the Mistletoe Twins
Kissy Under the Mistletoe Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Krackel Hershey Miniatures
Kris & Kriscinda Kringle Petite Amour Toddlers
Kristen Toddler
Kristi Velveteen Rabbit
Kristi Krinkle Bitty Mop Top Bitty Belle
Kylie Country Girl
La Petite Angelina Tiny Dancers
Lacey Material Girls
Lacey Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Lady Bug Beauty Bug Ball
Lady Bug Bitty Beauty Bug Bitty Beauty Bug
Lady Bug Vinyl Beauty Bug Ball Toy Collection
Lady Like You're Buggin' Me
Ladylike Tinier Tot Tinier Tot
Lamé Material Girls
Lamé Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Laura Petite Amour
Laurel N/A
Lauren Classics
Lauren I Can Dream
Lavender Lady Home Decor
Leah Picture Day
Leela Toddler
Lemon Cream Confection Collection
Lemon Meringue Strawberry Shortcake
Lemon Meringue Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Lemon Poppyseed Rag A Muffin
Lenox Beautiful Butterfly Becoming Butterflies
Lenox Baby's 1st Birthday Baby's First
Lenox Baby's 1st Christmas Baby's First
Lenox Baby's 1st Christmas 2003 Baby's First
Lenox - Fall Harvest Toddler
Lenox - Happy Birthday Toddler
Lenox- Happy Holidays Toddler
Lenox - Holiday Charm Toddler
Lenox - Holiday Classic Toddler
Lenox-Holiday Elegance Toddler
Lenox-Holiday Elegance Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Lenox Pink Parfait Lenox
Lenox Spring Rose Toddler
Lenox-Springtime Toddler
Lenox-Springtime Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Lenox-Springtime Splendor Toddler
Lenox-Springtime Splendor Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Let It Snow Toddler
Li Ying Toddler
Liana Picture Day
Liberty Belle Adora Belle
Li-Chyn Children of the World
Lil Bit Country/ Lil Bit Rock’n Roll Weebies
Lil' Cupcake Petite Amour Toddler
Lil Dumplin Petite Amour Toddler
Lil' Puddin' Petite Amour Toddlers
Lil' Pumpkin Babies A Bloom
Lil' Pumpkin Tiny Tot Babies A Bloom Blossom
L'il Slugger Babies A Bloom
L'il Slugger Blossom Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Lilac Four Seasons Flowers
Lilly Toddler
Lilly Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Lily 3's a Charm
Lin Toddler
Linda Miracle Children
Lindsey Miracle Children
Lindsey (I peeked) Miracle Children
Lisa Dear to My Heart
Little Bit Country Kissy & Huggs Twins
Little Bo Peep Rhyme Time
Little Bo-Peep Story Book
Little Bo Sheep Petite Amour
Little Debbie Toddler
Little Drummer Boy Story Book
Little Jack Horner Waxallure
Little Lovey Artist Signature Heirloom
Little Lovey's Closet Collector Closet
Little Miss Muffet Waxallure
Little Miss Pink for the Cure Toddler
Little Princess Toddler
Little Red Riding Hood Fairy Tale
Little Red Riding Hood Once Upon A Dress
Little Red Riding Hood Story Book
Little Things Toddler
Little Things Keepsake Keepsake
Lively Lucy Bitty Mop Top Bitty Belle
Lizzy Lemon Fun Fruits
Lizzy Lemon Fruit Cup Fruit Cup
Lolli Toddler
Lolli Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Lori Lavender Sweet Sachet
Lots of Love Velveteen Rabbit
Lottie Love Bitty Mop Top Bitty Belle
Love Bug Expressions of Love
Love & Laughter Along the Way Musical Moments
Love and Laughter Keepsake - Green Keepsake
Love and Laughter Keepsake - Orange Keepsake
Love and Laughter Keepsake - Pink Keepsake
Love and Laughter Keepsake - Purple Keepsake
Love-A-Belle Adora Belle
Love For Lola Toddler
Lovely In Lilac Captivating in Color
Lovely Lilac Bit-O-Bunny
Love Makes The World Go Round Musical Moments
Loves Me/ Loves Me Not Weebies
Luck O' the Irish Keepsake Keepsake
Lucy Goosey Petite Amour
Luv Some Bunny My Pet
Lydia Petite Amour
Mabel Portrait
Macie Injured
Madame Butterfly Beauty Bug Ball
Madame Butterfly Bitty Beauty Bug Bitty Beauty Bug
Madame Butterfly Vinyl Beauty Bug Ball Toy Collection
Madeleine N/A
Mademoiselle Somewhere in Time
Madison Petite Amour
Madisyn Artist Signature Heirloom Collection
Madisyn Sweetheart Artist Signature Heirloom Collection
Madisyn Sweetheart Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Magic-a-Bloom Babies A Bloom
Maj Brit Toddler
Margaret Classics
Margarite Victorian Treasures
Maggie Toddler
Magic of Christmas 2008 Keepsake
Magic of Christmas Keepsake Keepsake
Magic-a-Bloom Babies A Bloom
Margot Classical Beauties
Maria Children of the World
Maria & Diane, Adora My Baby Belle Adora Belle
Marie Antoinette Pin Cushion Home Decor
Marie at 3 Edition 10
Marie at 3 Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Marie Lavender Rose Coming Up Roses
Marie Rose Bud Rose Buds
Marie Sunshine & Happiness My Favorite Things
Marilyn Miracle Children
Marina Gifts From the Sea
Marisa Classics
Marshmallow Cream Confection Collection
Marta Miracle Children
Mary Somewhere in Time
Mary 2007 Toddler
Mary Had A Little Lamb Once Upon A Dress
Mary Poppins - Spoon Full of Sugar Disney Babies
Mary Sunshine Toddler
Mary Sunshine Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Mary Victoria Collectibles
Mary Witches and Webs Toddler
Mato Toddler
Mato Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
May Flowers My Favorite Things
McKensie Injured
MDF Friendship Brings Tranquility Toddler
MDF Keepsake Keepsake
Mekel Miracle Children
Melina Collectibles
Melinda Miracle Children
Melissa I Can Dream
Melissa Miracle Children
Memories of Christmas Christmas
Merry Kisses Hershey
Merry Kisses Stocking Doll Boy Christmas
Merry Kisses Stocking Doll Girl Christmas
Merry Kisses Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Michael Best Friends
Michelle Classical Beauties
Mickey & Minnie Christmas Tiny Tots Tiny Tot
Mickey & Minnie Wedding Bitty Belles Bitty Belle
Mid-West Girl California Girls
Mikayla Toddler
Milk Chocolate Hershey Miniatures
Millennium Belle New Millenium
Milly Petite Amour
Mimi Toddler
Mindy Toddler
Mini Jingles & Belle Twins
Mini Jingles & Belle '97 Twins
Mini Jingles & Belle Country Ornaments Twins
Minnie & Mickey Tiny Tots Tiny Tot
Mint Chip Ice Cream Kids
Mint Patty Bit-O-Bunny
Mint Truffle Confection Collection
Miracle Kids Adventure Miracle Children
Miracle Kids Adventure Auction Miracle Children
Miracle Rosie & Rags Twins
Miracle - Dolls For A Cause Adora Belle
Miracles-a-Bloom Babies A Bloom
Miss Quito Beauty Bug Ball
Miss Quito Bitty Beauty Bug Bitty Beauty Bug
Missy Toddler
Misty Rose Petite Amour
M'lissa Virginia Toddler
M'Lissa Virginia - Baby Blues Toddler
M'Lissa Virginia Timeless Toddler
M'Lissa Virginia Tiny Tot Trio Tiny Tot
Molly N/A
Mommy's Girl Toddler
Mommy's Girl Mother O Artist Signature Heirloom Collection
Mommy's Girl Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Monica Artist Signature Heirloom
Monique Victorian Treasures
Mopsy Twins
Morgan Collectibles
Morgan '95 Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Morgan '96 Collectibles
Morgan '96 Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Morgan '97 Collectibles
Morgan '97 Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Morgan Tiny Tot Trio Tiny Tot
Mother's Day Keepsake Keepsake
Motherly Love Mother Child
Mr. & Mrs. Pilgrim Petite Amour
Mrs. Claus Petite Amour
Mrs. Paws Velveteen Rabbit
My Angel Toddler
My Beary Special Friend Quite A Pair
My Friend Toddler
My Friend Forever Toddler
My Heart Belongs to You Keepsake
My Friend Holiday Toddler
My Perfect Pal Little Pals
My Posh Pal Little Pals
My Puppy Love My Pet
My Sister Toddler
Mystic Becoming Butterflies
Nascha Native American
Natalie Classical Beauties
Natalya Four Seasons Ballerina
Nathan Twins
Naughty & Nice Weebies
Nettie Material Girls
Nettie Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Never Grow Tired of Playtime Tree House Tots
No Girls Allowed Tree House Tots
Nia Toddler
Nia Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Nicole Twins
Nicole Modern Bride  
Nicolette Somewhere in Time
Nikela Waxallure
Nikela Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Nikki Petite Amour
Nine Ladies Dancing/Ten Lords-A-Leaping 12 Days of Christmas
No Girls Allowed Tree House Tots
No No Nanette Toddler
Noelle Christmas Carols
Northern Girl California Girls
Nuts About You Expressions of Love
O Come Let Us Adora Him Bitty Belle
Oatmeal Raisin Rag A Muffin
Oh! Oh! Small Talk
Oh! You Beautiful Doll Tiny Dancers
Olive May Toddler
Olive May 50th Anniversary Toddler
Olive May and Friends Tiny Tot
Olive May Christmas Toddler
Olive May Christmas Radko Ornament Ornament
Olive May Heartfelt Heartfelt
Olive May Loving Tribute Toddler
Olive May Loving Tribute Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Olive May Springtime Toddler
Olive May Sunday Best Toddler
Olive May Trio Anniversary Archive
Olive May Twosome Tiny Tot
Olive May Sunday Best Toddler
Olive the Seasons Toddler
Olivia Sweet Dreams
Olivia - Floral Romance Artist Signature Heirloom Collection
On Pins & Needles Home Decor
One and Only Cinderella Disney Babies
Ophelia Fairy Roses
Orange Blossom Babies A Bloom
Orange Cream Confection Collection
Organza Material Girls
Organza Love & Teddy Bears Toddler
Organza Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Osmond 50th Anniversary Keepsake Keepsake
Ouchie! Small Talk
Ozeanna Dear to My Heart