Dolls in Alphabetical Order C - I

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Updated 8/21/14

Name Series
Caitlin & Bentley Miracle Children
Calico Cathy Quilting Cousins
California Girl California Girls
Camille Picture Day
Can-Can Girl Small World
Canadian Maple Leaf Babies A Bloom Around The World
Candace Picture Day
Candi Cane Toddler
Candi Cane Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Candi Corn Sweet Treats
Candi Corn Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Candy Corn Too Sweets Tot Too Sweets Tots
Caramel Confection Collection
Carmel Kisses Hershey
Caramel Kisses Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Caroline Picture Day
Carolyn Christmas Carols
Carrie Injured
Carissa Sugar & Spice
Casperella Black & White
Cassidy Toddler
Cassidy Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Cassie Toddler
Catherine Classics
Catherine Elizabeth  
Cat's Meow My Pet
Cecilia Trunk
Celeste Miracle Children
Chalise Victorian Treasures
Chandra-Moon Artist Signature Heirloom Collection
Chantal Victorian Treasures
Chantel Collectibles
Charles Christmas Carols
Charlotte Petite Amour
Chasing Rainbows My Favorite Things
Chelsea Injured
Chenille Material Girls
Chenille Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Chenoa Children of the World
Chenoa Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Cherise Somewhere in Time
Cherish Miracle Children
Cherish Me Baby Toddler
Cherries Jubliee Sweet Treats
Cherry Blossoms Babies A Bloom
Cherry Cordial Confection Collection
Cherry Muffin Rag A Muffin
Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream Kids
Cherubic Chef Heaven’s Helpers
Chika Classics
Chika in Blue Classics
Chika in Red Classics
Child's Play Rose Coming Up Roses
Child's Play Rose Bud Rose Buds
Child's Play Rose Bud Ornament Rose Bud Ornaments
China Dolls Around the World
Chloe Toddler
Chocolate Raspberry Muffin Rag A Muffin
Chris N/A
Chrissy Best Friends
Christine Classics
Christmas Belle Disney Babies
Christmas Belle Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Christmas Cookie Toddler
Christmas Cookie Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Christmas Darlings '94 Petite Amour
Christmas Memories Story Book
Christmas Morning Rag A Muffin Rag A Muffin
Chrysanthemum Babies-A-Bloom - Blooms Around the World
Ciarra Toddler
Ciarra Rosebud Toddler
Cinder Bella Adora Belle
Cinderella Fairy Tale
Cinderella Fairytale
Cinderella Home Decor
Cinderella Once Upon A Dress
Cinderella Story Book
Cinderella - Disneyland 50th Anniversary Disneyland 50th Anniversary Princesses
Cinderella Splendor - Auction Home Decor
Cindy Children of the World
Cinnamon Streusel Rag A Muffin
Cissy Country Girl
Clara Once Upon A Dress
Clara Quite A Pair
Clara Glory Days Toddler
Clara Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Clarissa Heartfelt
Classic Beauty Coming Up Roses Special Edition
Claudia Collectibles
Claudia Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Cleopatra & Ceasar Petite Amour Toddlers
Cody Miracle Children
Collette Changing Seasons
Collette Cotillion  
Collette Spring/Fall Changing Seasons
Confidant Greeting Card Collectible Greetings
Confidence Becoming Butterflies
Connie Petite Amour
Constance Classics
Conversation Hearts Too Sweets Tots
Cookies & Milk Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Cookies Little Duck Parade Edition 15
Cotton Candi Toddler
Cotton Candi Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Cotton Ginny Material Girls
Cotton Ginny Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Count Cocky Cockroach Beauty Bug Ball
Count Cocky Cockroach Bitty Beauty Bug Bitty Beauty Bug
Count Cocky Cockroach Vinyl Beauty Bug Ball Toy Collection
Countess Caterpillar Bitty Beauty Bug Bitty Beauty Bug
Countess Caterpillar Vinyl Beauty Bug Ball Toy Collection
Countess Caterpiller Beauty Bug Ball
Courtnie Miracle Children
Cow Belle Adora Belle
Cranbunny Bit-O-Bunny
Crayons to Perfume N/A
Cream Puff Crème de le Crème
Cruisin' Little Me
Crystal Classics
Crystal I Can Dream
Crystal Jewel
Crystal Pink Jewel
Crystalline Collectibles
Crystalline Fairy Tot Tiny Fairy
Cuddle Me Huggs & Kissy Twins
Cupcakes & Confetti Keepsake Keepsake
Cupid's Helper Heaven's Helpers
Cute as a Button Toddler
Daddy's Little Girl Portrait
Daisy Babies A Bloom
Daisy Toddler
Daisy Wall Flowers
Daisy Blossom Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Daisy Jane Toddler
Daisy Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Daisyetta Collectibles
Daisyetta Fairy Tot Tiny Tot
Damsel Dragonfly Beauty Bug Ball
Damsel Dragonfly Bitty Beauty Bug Bitty Beauty Bug
Dance Company Archive
Dancing Baby Donny Toddler
Dancing Baby Donny Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Danielle Miracle Children
Daphne Fairy Roses
Dark Chocolate Truffle Confection Collection
Darla Petite Amour
Darlene Heart to Heart
Darlene - A Sprinkle of Sunshine Toddler
Darling Darlene When I Grow Up
Dawn Sweet Dreams
Deanna Petite Amour
Debbie Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Debra Toddler
Debra Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Delilah Daisies Secret Garden
Denise Miracle Children
Desiree Victorian Treasures
Diana N/A
Diane Toddler
Disney Minnie & Mickey Tiny Tots Tiny Tot
Disney The Princess and the Frog  
Disney Tiny Tot Trio (TSV) Tiny Tot
Disney's The Little Mermaid  
Disneyland® Park 55th Anniversary - Cinderella Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Disneyland® Park 55th Anniversary - Sleeping Beauty Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Disneyland Rose Disney Babies
Disneyland Rose Morning Dew Disney Babies
Divinity Confection Collection
Dog Gone Adora Belle Bitty Belle/ Adora My Pets
Doll for the Cure-Adora Belle Greeting Card Greeting Card
Doll Magic Greeting Card
Doll or no Doll Adora Belle
Doll or no Doll Auction Adora Belle
Donny & Marie-TSV Through the Years
Dottie Injured
Dottie Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Dottie Anne Miracle Children
Dream Baby Sweet Dreams
Dream Girl Toddler
Duck, Duck, Goose Toddler
Dusty Ann Toddler
Dusty Ann Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
East Coast Girl California Girls
Easter Bonnet on it Adora Belle Adora Belle
Ebony and Ivory Weebies
Edelweiss Tiny Dancers
Edelweiss Babies A Bloom Babies A Bloom Around The World
Edrie Quite A Pair
Eleanor Somewhere in Time
Elephant Fun Artist Signature Heirloom
Eleven Pipers Piping/Twelve Drummers Drumming 12 Days of Christmas
Elise Somewhere in Time
Elizabeth Miracle Children
Ella Toddler
Else Victorian Treasures Head Ornaments
Emily Musical
Emma Classical Beauties
Emma Josefa Somewhere in Time
Emmaline Toddler
Emmaline Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Emmanuel & Johanna Set  
Emmerson Rose Portrait
Ena Toddler
Ena Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Enchantment Home Decor
Enlightened Greeting Card
Erin Best Friends
Eskimo Kissy Twins
Eskimo Kissy Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Express Yourself Baby Toddler
Fairy Tink Disney Babies
Faith Always a Bridesmaid
Faith Collector Club
Faith Miracle Children
Faithful Friends Heaven's Helpers
Fallen Leaves 4 Seasons Small Wonders
Falling For You Dolls for all Seasons - 2007
Falling For You Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Fantasy Keepsake Keepsake
Farmer's Daughter Toddler
Farmer's Daughter Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Fashion A Belle - Emerald Adora Belle
Fashion A Belle - Ruby Adora Belle
Fashion A Belle - Sapphire Adora Belle
Father Christmas '94 Christmas
Fay Toddler
Faylinn Fairy Babies
Felicia Ann Collectibles
Felicia Ann Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Fiona Fairy Roses
First Kiss Collectibles
First Kiss Set Tree House Tots
Five Gold Rings/Six Geese-A-Laying 12 Days of Christmas
Flora Miracle Children
Fluffy 3's a Charm
Flutterby Baby Becoming Butterflies
Food, Fun & Friends Cookbook  
Forget Me Not Secret Garden
Francesca Four Seasons Ballerina
Franny Fruit Basket Fun Fruits
Franny Fruitbasket Fruit Cup Fruit Cup
Frieda Fright Bitty Mop Top Bitty Belle
Frieda Fright Bitty Mop Top Bitty Belle
French Fashion Bru Reproduction
French Fashion Bru Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
French Kissy Twins
French Kissy Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Frenda Miracle Children
Friends Toddler
Friendship Coming Up Roses
Friendship Rose Bud Rose Bud
Friendship Rose Butterfly Whisper Toddler
From Caterpillars to Butterflies N/A
From Caterpillars to Butterflies Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
From God's Arms Mother Child
From the Heart - Dolls For A Cause Adora Belle
Fuzzy Baby & Hareiat Velveteen Rabbit
Fuzzy Baby & Hareit Bitty Bunnies Bitty Bunnies
Gabriela Miracle Children
Garden Angel Earthly Angels
Gene Fashion Designer
Generation Trio Tiny Tots Tiny Tot
Genevieve Victorian Treasures
Georgette Dear to My Heart
Georgia Best Friends
Georgianna Dear to My Heart
Georgianna Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Gerri Dear to My Heart
The Gift of Love Toddler
Gina Miracle Children
Ginger Miracle Children
Giselle Victorian Treasures Head Ornaments
Goldie Petite Amour
Goldilocks Once Upon A Dress
Goldilocks w/ Boyd's Bear Quite A Pair
Goldilocks w/ Steiff Bear Quite A Pair
Goldilocks Story Book
Gone Fishin' Little Me
Gone Fishing/ Come Down Here & Say That Tree House Tots
Goodnight Kissy Twins
Good Ship Lollipop Tiny Dancers
got chocolate milk? Toddler
got milk?® Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
got milk® Toddler
Gracie Toddler
Grand Finale Marie Fashion Doll
Grandma Kit Classics
Grandma Kit Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Grandma Story Time Victorian Grandmas
Grandma's Goodies Victorian Grandmas
Grandma's Rose Garden Victorian Grandmas
Gretl Petite Amour
Hallie Country Girl
Halloween Keepsake 2007 Keepsake
Halloween Keepsake 2009 Keepsake
Halloween Mickey & Minnie Adora Belle
Hannah Petite Amour
Hannah Grace Artist Signature Heirloom Collection
Hannah Jo Toddler
Hansel & Gretel Petite Amour Toddler
Hansel & Gretel Tiny Tots Tiny Tot
Hansel and Gretel Twins
Happily Ever Laughter Expressions of Love
Happy Birthday Sissy Artist Signature Heirloom Collection
Happy Birthday to You - Sweet Celebrations Keepsake
Happy Fats Collectibles
Happy Haunting Keepsake Keepsake
Hareloom Bitty Bunny Bitty Bunnies
Hareloom Bunny Velveteen Rabbit
Harmony Becoming Butterflies
Harmony Summertime Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Harmony - Let Me Call You Sweetheart Musical Moments
Harmony Let Me Call You Sweetheart Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Harmony-Summer Time Musical Moments
Harmony - Twinkle Twinkle Musical Moments
Harmony Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Harmony–What Child Is This Musical Moments
Harmony What Child is This Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Harvest Fun Keepsake Keepsake
Haute Half Doll Home Decor
Haute Half Doll Petite Pin Cushion Home Decor
Have Hope - Dolls For A Cause Adora Belle
Hawaiian Girl California Girl
Hawaiian Girl Small World
Heady Lady Vase Collectibles
Hear/ See/ Speak No Evil Weebies
Hearts and Friendship Keepsake Keepsake
Heather Miracle Children
Heaven on Earth Coming Up Roses
Heaven on Earth Rose Bud Rose Buds
Heavenly Dream Sweet Dreams
Heavenly Happily Ever After Heaven's Helpers
Heaven’s Helpers Ornaments Home for the Holiday
Heaven's Helpers Ornaments #2 Heaven's Helpers
Heavenly Hare Velveteen Rabbit
Heavens Holiday Helper Heaven's Helper
Heidi Miracle Children
Helena Quite a Pair
Helena Nieman Marcus N/A
Helena Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Here Comes Santa Claus Tiny Dancers
Here Comes Trouble First Things First
Heros Petite Amour Toddler
Hershey Kisses Hershey
Hershey's Hugs Hershey
Hershey’s Hugs Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
Hilda & Teddy Collectibles
Hillary Best Friends
Holiday Cheer Throught the Year Keepsake Keepsake
Holiday Holly Hobbie Holly Hobbie
Holiday Holly Hobbie Greeting Card Holly Hobbie
Holly Babies A Bloom
Holly Christmas
Holly Hobbie Holly Hobbie
Holly Hobbie Americana Greeting Card Doll Greeting Card
Holly Hobbie Friendship Greeting Card Greeting Card
Holly Hobbie Greeting Card Doll 2006 Greeting Card
Holly Lolli Toddler
Honey Bear Bru Collectible
Hope Always a Bridesmaid
Horror-A-Belle Bitty Belle
Huggs Twins
Huggs & Kissy - Red/ White & I Love Blue Twins
Huggs-Mistle Ho Ho Ho Twins
Hugs & Kisses Weebies
Hula Hare Velveteen Rabbit
Hydrangea Fairy Fairy
Hydie Secret Garden
I Love Ewe Expressions of Love
I Love Ewe My Pet
I Love You Toddler
I Love You Beary Much Expressions of Love
I Love You Beary Much Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
I Love You Lolli Toddler
I Love You Lolli Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
I Love You till the Cows Come Home Tiny Tot Tiny Tot
I Pique You Expressions of Love
I Scream, You Scream Toddler
Iliana Picture Day
I'll Love You 'Til the Cows Come Home Expressions of Love
Inspiration Becoming Butterflies
Ireland Dolls Around the World
Iris Collectibles
Irish Cream Too Sweets Tots
Irish Shamrock Babies A Bloom - Around the World
Isabel Edition 10
Isobella - 2008 Somewhere in Time
It's Been a Hoot Toddler