Year Item # Name Description Series Height Edition Size Cost Artist Sculpture
2012 C28642 Baby Adora Belle My Puppy Love Ruffled pink pastel dress w/ pink paw print bodice, accented w/ blue & white polka-dotted ruffle trim & coordinating bows/ plush dog plays Donny's "Puppy Love". Adora Belle 13 500 149.82 Marie Osmond  
2012 C28643 Adora Belle Wicked Witch Satin black dress w/ corset & witch hat/ black vinyl lace-up boots, sheer tights, & gold handpainted eye shadow/ vinyl. Adora Belle 12 1500 149.95 Marie Osmond  
2012 C28651 French Fashion Bru Tiny Tot Dark burgundy dress/ wide-brimmed velvet hat w/ embroidery/ cream-colored socks/ black boots. Tiny Tot 9 Open 49.81 Repro Bru  
2012 C28652 Timeless Treasures Reproduction Cream-colored drop waist dress w/ pastel blue satin detailing, fabric-covered buttons, & pleated skirt/ undergarments are period reproductions/ light blue leatherette shoes & cream-colored leatherette laces. Reproduction 14 150 199.75 Repro  
2012 C28653 Peyton Black porcelain/ soft pastel dress w/ smocked bodice, ruffled skirt, & rosette accents/ matching headband/ clear glass earrings & tiny faux gold bracelet/ Babyface's daughter. Portrait 13 300 169.92    
2012 C28654 Snow White 200th Anniversary White sparkle organza dress w/ red sequin corset & blue velvet cape embroidered w/ Snow White logo & apple accent/ dark navy blue satin slippers. Fairy Tale 25 200 199.00 Jessica Antoinette  
2012 C28655 Sunshine & Smiles Keepsake Pink & lilac-colored satin & tulle dress w/ petal skirt detailing/ blonde hair w/ pink satin headband w/ daisy flower accents. Sweet Celebrations Keepsake 9 Open 35.82    
2012 C28656 A Treat for Mom Keepsake Cotton dress w/ brown & cream-colored floral print/ holds birthday cake w/ lifelike candle. Keepsake     35.82    
2012 C28657 Baby Abby Panda Perfect Black-&-white ruffle dress/ faux fur vest/ faux fur panda bear hat/ tan suede boots w/ faux fur lining/ faux fur panda bear w/ handpainted face detailing. Dear To My Heart 12 425 158.74 Marie Osmond/ Ping Lau  
2012 C28658 Baby Rachael Lauren Soft turquoise dress w/ three-dimensional petal details & white lace bodice/ coordinating headband w/ rosette accent/ fabric-covered Mary Jane shoes in soft turquoise. Dear To My Heart 11 375 149.82 Marie Osmond  
2012 C28659 Romance Tiny Tot Floral-embroidered ivory dress w/ burgundy red accents & ribbon sash. Tiny Tot 9 Open 49.24 Karen Scott  
2012 C28660 Journey - A Passion for Pink Black bell bottoms w/ printed bells/ empire-waist shirt w/ bell sleeves/ beaded peace symbol necklace, My Favorite Things 20 275 129.68 Karen Alderson  
2012 C28661 Adora Belle Oh So Tweet Turquoise satin dress w/ black & white birdhouse print overshirt/ white satin tights & shiny black patent pumps/ wire, metal miniature birdcage hat w/ pink bird/ porcelain. Adora Belle 12 525 129.68 Marie Osmond  
2012 C28664 My Posh Pal Cream-colored ruffled accents/ gold satin ruffled top/ plaid jacket w/ oversized buttons/ leopard-print tights/ dark brown faux fur boots/ fabric rosette headband/ burgundy red rosette belt. Little Pals 30 500 199.00 Beverly Stoehr  
2012 C28665 Heavenly Dream White dress w/ ribbon & embroidered detailing/ white feather wings that attach w/ elastic straps/ satin slippers/ butterfly wrist band. Sweet Dreams 22 275 178.86    
2012 C28666 Adora Belle Wizard of Oz Set Autoship In March 2012, the Wicked Witch ships; In May 2012, the Good Witch; in July 2012, Dorothy; in September 2012, the Scarecrow; in November 2012, the Tin Man; and in January 2013, the Cowardly Lion/ 300 sets available for autoship/ 1500 total of each doll made. Adora Belle 12 300 149.95 Marie Osmond  
2012   Adora Belle Cowardly Lion Wizard of Oz theme/ complete with Badge of Courage, lion body, mane & tail/ porcelain Adora Belle 12 1500 149.95 Marie Osmond  
2012   Adora Belle Dorothy Wizard of Oz theme/ blue gingham dress w/ white blouse/ red sparkly shoes/ porcelain Adora Belle 12 1500 149.95 Marie Osmond  
2012   Adora Belle Glinda the Good Witch Wizard of Oz theme/ pink outfit, silver magic star wand, silver star crown & pink heels/ porcelain Adora Belle 12 1500 149.95 Marie Osmond  
2012   Adora Belle Scarecrow Wizard of Oz theme/ diploma/ porcelain Adora Belle 12 1500 149.95 Marie Osmond  
2012   Adora Belle Tin Man Wizard of Oz theme/ silver outfit/ includes heart/ porcelain Adora Belle 12 1500 149.95 Marie Osmond  

Last updated 3/24/19

By Rebecca Shannon