"Love and Laughter Along the Way"

Year Item # Name Description Series Height Edition Size Cost Artist Sculpture
2011 C28273 Love & Laughter Along the Way Sleeveless gold dress w/ diamond beaded pattern & shiny gold skirting/ auburn hair/ plays "May Tomorrow Be a Perfect Day" Musical Moments 12 1200 149.75 JoAnn Pohlman  
2011 C28274 Sweet Baby Bridgette White two piece pajama style baby outfit w/ vintage detailing Toddler 12 700 149.75 Lori Ivanovic  
2011 C28275 Hydie Purple dress w/ hydrangea floral accents Secret Garden 13 600 149.75 Beverly Stoehr  
2011 C28276 Love and Laughter Keepsake - Purple Closing song of original Donny & Marie show Keepsake 9 Open 29.75 Studio  
2011 C28276 Love and Laughter Keepsake - Green Closing song of original Donny & Marie show Keepsake 9 Open 29.75 Studio  
2011 C28276 Love and Laughter Keepsake - Orange Closing song of original Donny & Marie show Keepsake 9 Open 29.75 Studio  
2011 C28276 Love and Laughter Keepsake - Pink Closing song of original Donny & Marie show Keepsake 9 Open 29.5 Studio  
2011 C28277 Little Lovey Blue & white stripped mini dress w/ red accents Artist Signature Heirloom Series 12 500 99.50 Lorella Falconi  
2011 C28278 Teddy & Me Faux silk silver-and-black striped drop-waist dress w/ velvet collar & sleeve accents & ruffled trim detailing/ carries cream & black plush teddy w/ metal key accent Artist Signature Heirloom Series 28 125 219.00 Karen Scott  
2011 C28279 Wish Upon a Starfish Tiny Tot Long blonde braided hair/ two piece top & tail Tiny Tot 5.5 Open 49.75 Ping Lau  
2011 C28280 Pie Jesu Fashion Doll Silver sequined dress w/ white marabou feather boa cape Fashion Doll 17 750 139.75 Sandra Bilotto  
2011 C28281 It's Been a Hoot Owled themed brown satin dress/ laser-cut petal skirt/ cream bodice Toddler 12 500 149.75 Karen Scott  
2011 C28282 Adora Belle Bea Happy Mop Top Purple hair/ multi colored print outfit/ comes w/ worry doll which varies in color/ articulated/ vinyl Adora Belle 13.5 2000 99.50 Marie Osmond  
2011 C28283 Journey Melon, pink, lime green & brown cotton paisley dress/ wide sleeves highlight lace arm gauntlets & matching corseted bodice/ strawberry blonde hair/ brown eyes/ journal My Favorite Things 20 600 129.75 Karen Alderson  
2011 C28284 Ruffles and Roses Layers of ruffles & fabric rose accents Toddler 12 600 149.75 Karen Scott  
2011 C28285 Adora Belle My Angel Light blue gown w/ gold trim/ gold star accents/ blue & white wings/ blonde/ porcelain Adora Belle 12 750 99.50 Marie Osmond  
2011 C28286 Cute as a Button Deep purple crinkled sheer organza dress w/ cute buttons/ tribute to antique button collectors including Michelle Osmond, Jimmy's wife. Toddler 12 500 149.50 Karen Scott  
2011 C28290 Elephant Fun Turquoise satin skirt & top/ red & gold elephant Artist Signature Heirloom 24 300 180.00 Ping Lau  
2011 C28291 When Irish Eyes are Smiling Green & white pleated skirt w/ green jacket w/ filigree detailing & embroidered Claddagh ring hearts/ wind-up music box that plays the "Irish Eyes Are Smiling" Musical Moments 17 750 139.95 Karen Scott  
2011 C28292 Ruella Raspberry Bitty Belle Mop Top Pink polka doted skirt w/ pink leggings/ bright raspberry pink hair/ vinyl Bitty Belle 6 Open 29.75 Marie Osmond  
2011 C28293 20th Anniversary Mop Top Collector Tote Features the face of Adora Belle Mop Top   21x15x5 Open 29.95    
2011 Retail Amaya Celebrations Pink party dress/ COA signed by Sonja Bryer/ sold in Canada on The Shopping Channel Toddler 11 150 149.95 Sonja Bryer  
2011 Retail Delilah Daisies Blue floral daisy print dress w/ white pinafore accented by flowers to match the dress Secret Garden 17 400 149.95 JoAnn Pohlman  
2011 H178110 Adore a Bridal Belle David Bridal exclusive 2008/ blond bride/ Porcelain. Adora Belle 12 Open 99.00 Marie Osmond Original
2010 H352109 Adora Belle - Devine Daisies Pink sheer dress w/ overlay/ pink & white daises throughout the dress/ matching shoes w/ tiny pink daisies. Adora Belle 13.5 300 131.51 Marie Osmond  
2011 H352111 Madisyn Sweetheart Tiny Tot Pastel pink dress w/ glitter heart print skirt Tiny Tot 9 Open 67.33 JoAnn Pohlman  
2011 H352113 Adora Pink Flamingo Bitty Belle Mini & marvelous/ Bitty Belle version of a sensational showgirl/ pink sequined outfit/ faux-crystal body suit/ glittery shoes/ fluffy plumed headdress/ the belle of the Vegas Strip! Bitty Belle 6 Open 54.49 Marie Osmond  
2011 H352115 Paris Posh Bitty Belle Mop Top Funky netting skirt w/ taupe & cream corset/ poofy sleeve shirt/ black & white stripped leggings/ blue & white hair/ black satin top hair/ vinyl Bitty Belle 6 Open 41.65 Marie Osmond  
2011 H352117 Patti Princess Bitty Mop Top Drop waist pastel floral print dress w/ satin ribbon accents/ leggings/ pink faux hair w/ crown/ vinyl Bitty Belle 6 Open 41.65 Marie Osmond  
2011 H352119 Lively Lucy Bitty Mop Top Bright orange hair/ cream outfit/ vinyl Bitty Belle 6 Open 41.65 Marie Osmond  
2011 H352121 A Treat for Mom - Sweet Celebrations Brown braided hair/ chocolate & pink patterned dress w/ matching pink shoes/ holds a cake w/ led lit candle. Keepsake 9 Open 48.07 Studio  
2011 H352123 Happy Birthday to You - Sweet Celebrations Pink & blue birthday celebration. Keepsake 9 Open 48.07 Studio  
2011 H352125 Duck, Duck, Goose Vintage style pink & white romper style short outfit w/ white collar & cute duck print/ blonde hair Toddler 10.5 300 170.02 Beverly Stoehr  
2011 C28486 20th Anniversary Platinum Rose Final edition of sculpt/ silver satin dress with ribbon rosettes on the skirt and collar/ comes w/ 3rd edition collector book Toddler 13 1200 170.00 Marie Osmond  
2011 C28487 French Fashion Bru Reproduction of doll Marie held on the cover of Doll Reader magazine 20 years ago/ burnt orange faux-silk dress w/ pleated skirt & French-style lace accents/ velvet hat & black boots. with button details. Reproduction 20 250 199.00 Monica Reo  
2011 C28489 Baby Bubbles Reproduction of Marie's 1st doll/ in a basket My Favorite Things 6.5 350 99.00    
2011 C28490 My Beary Special Friend Pink from head to toe/ Annette Funicella bear Quite A Pair 12 300 149.75 Lori Ivanovic  
2011 C28491 Love Makes The World Go Round Mint green & cream faux-silk dress w/ chiffon accents/ sheer pastel floral-embellished ribbon trims the pintucked hemline/ plays "Love Makes the World Go Round" Musical Moments 12 350 149.75 Marie Osmond  
2011 C28492 My Perfect Pal Life size standing toddler/ green coat over print dress Little Pals 30 200 199.00 Ping Lau  
2011 C28493 Andelyn Wickedly Cute Tiny Tot Spider Web themed dress/ green porcelain face/ black boots & spider Tiny Tot 8.5 Open 49.25 Rachel Scott  
2011 C28494 Treats and Treasures Keepsake Orange layered tulle skirt/ black vest/ white shirt/ jack-o'-lantern bag/ felt hat, accented w/ a tiny silvertone skull and crossbones Keepsake 9 Open 36.00 Karen Scott  
2011 C28495 Val Crocheted outfit Lovely in Lace 12 400 99.50 Beverly Stoehr  
2011 C28497 Adora Belle The Roaring 20th Platinum Roaring 20s style flapper dress w/ coordinating hat/ high heels/ Porcelain Adora Belle 12 400 99.50 Marie Osmond  
2011 C28499 Little Lovey's Closet Has three outfits/ bear/ closet Collector Closet 12 300 189.00 Lorella Falconi  
2011 C28500 Monica-Puppy and Me Sage green jacket over satin dress w/ purple & lavender ruffles/ handpainted features/ purple velvet beret/ plush cream & tan puppy/ poem about the doll written by Marcia Wilkie. Artist Signature Heirloom 24 125 219.00 Monica Reo  
2011 C28501 20th Anniversay Kissy My Heart Red dress w/ glitter & blue accents/ special "XO" printed on cloth body Toddler 12 300 149.75 Marie Osmond  
2011 C28502 Happily Ever Laughter Gray, turquoise, & chocolate brown parka w/ faux fur accents/ jacquard ribbon & beaded detailing Expressions of Love 12 300 159.75 Ping Lau  
2011 C28503 Baby Bundle Boo Pastel pink romper/ includeds Marie's "Heartfelt Giving" book. My Favorite Things 17 350 99.50 Sherri Williams  
2011 C28504 Friendship Rose Butterfly Whisper Black cotton dress w/ graduated polka dots & multicolored butterflies/ pastel pink, double-layer, netting underskirt/ dark pink pantaloons & matching shoes Toddler 12 300 150.00 Marie Osmond  
2011 C28505 Baby Olive Marie Heirloom Tiny Tot Replica of heirloom dress Marie wore as a baby Tiny Tot 5 750 49.75 Marie Osmond/ Karen Scott  
2011 C28530 Marie Sunshine & Happiness Pink & orange outfit/ busy box My Favorite Things 24 250 169.75 Emily Garthright  

Last updated 3/24/19

By Rebecca Shannon