Year Item # Name Description Series Height Edition Size Cost Artist Sculpture
2010 C27617 Zoe Ready For Fun Five-color knit sweater over red jersey-knit pants/ lavender shirt/ red fabric shoes/ matching red jersey-knit fabric hat w/ a large flower accent. Toddler 12 300 139.50 JoAnn Pohlman  
2010 C27618 Adora Belle - Paris Posh Tan quilted corset/ cream-colored poofy-sleeved shirt/ black-&-white netted skirt/ black top hat/ white faux-fur hair w/ blue accents/ Vinly articluated. Adora Belle - Mop Tops 13 600 99.00 Marie Osmond  
2010 C27619 Alice Through the Looking Glass Light blue Swiss polka-dotted sheer organza dress w/ white eyelet pinafore apron, sheer white tights & black faux velvet shoes/ holds a tiny mirror. Artist Signature Heirloom Collection 11 400 120.00 Beverly Stoehr  
2010 C27620 Baby Ashley Pink, two-piece outfit w/ smocked bodice,embroidery & pintuck detailing/ lace accents on the button panel/ coordinating, lace-trimmed bonnet. Toddler 12 350 145.00 Rachel Scott  
2010 C27621 Baby Donny Little Bit Rock-n-Roll Black, jersey knit onesie w/ screen-printed emblem on the front that says, "I'm a Little Bit Rock-n-Roll". Dear To My Heart Toddler 12 Open 99.00 Karen Scott  
2010 C27622 Baby Olive Marie Little Bit Country Pastel pink, jersey knit onesie w/ screen-printed emblem on the front that says, "I'm a Little Bit Country". Dear To My Heart Toddler 12 Open 99.00 Karen Scott  
2010 C27623 Chandra-Moon Cinnamon-colored, two-piece pant set w/ faux jewel & beaded detailing/ embroidery on the shirt, pants & scarf. Artist Signature Heirloom Collection 26 100 300.00 Ping Lau  
2010 C27624 Dancing Baby Donny Tiny Tot Black pinstriped suit w/ tails/ black shirt/ felt top hat/ black leatherette shoes w/ white spats feature metal taps on the bottom. Tiny Tot 9.5 Open 49.50 Karen Scott  
2010 C27625 Harmony - Let Me Call You Sweetheart Pastel pink, eyelet dress w/ sage green floral petal & crystal accents/ sheer ribbon hair bow/ coordinating shoes/ plays "Let Me Call You Sweetheart". Musical Moments 12 500 139.50 Karen Scott  
2010 C27626 Kiki June Red satin embroidered kimono w/ satin underlay/ rice paper umbrella which you can open or leave closed, is place in the doll's right hand. Artist Signature Heirloom Collection 24 225 199.50 Ping Lau  
2010 C27627 Kissy Red & white dotted swiss dress w/ sheer organza pinafore & red Mary Jane shoes Artist Signature Heirloom Collection 23 1000 180.00 Karen Scott  
2010 C27629 Princess - Native American Beauty White faux suede dress w/ turquoise & burnt orange beaded details, fringed trim & faux suede bodice overlay embroidered w/ a Kokopelli dancer. Native American Beauties 18 400 127.50 Sonja Bryer  
2010 C27630 Would I Lie to You Black on black brocade jacket w/ red satin lining, black lace skirt, corset bodice, black fishnet stockings & high heel faux leather fashion boots. Marie Fashion Doll 17 Open 60.00 Sandra Biloto  
2010 C28043 Adora Belle - Ruella Raspberry Raspberry pink dress w/ green trim/ pink mop top hair/ vinyl. Adora Belle - Mop Tops 13 Open 99.95 Marie Osmond  
2010 C28044 Adora Belle - Patti Princess Green & pink/ pink mop top hair/ vinyl. Adora Belle - Mop Tops 13 Open 99.00 Marie Osmond  
2010 C28045 Adora Belle - Lottie Love White faux fur bunny ears/ turquoise blue & white stripped leggings/ vinyl Adora Belle - Mop Tops 13 1000 99.75 Marie Osmond  
2010 C28046 Adora Belle - Lively Lucy Mop top hair/ Articulated/ Vinyl. Adora Belle - Mop Tops 13 Open 99.00 Marie Osmond  
2010 C28047 Red, White & Blue Carnivals and Fun Keepsake Red, white & blue/ stripes & stars. Keepsake 9 Open 32.00 Karen Scott  
2010 C28049 Spring Fever Tiny Tot Pink gingham dress w/ floral accents. Tiny Tot 5 Open 49.95 Karen Scott  
2010 C28050 I Scream, You Scream Pink top/ brown pants/ matching hat/ ice scream theme. Toddler 12 300 161.00 Karen Scott  
2010 C28051 Falling For You Tiny Tot Burnt-orange polished cotton dress w/ ecru accents & paisley print Tiny Tot 5 Open 50.00 Karen Scott  
2010 C28052 Summer Sunset Tiny Tot Orange & yellow sunset dress w/ floral embroidery Tiny Tot 5 Open 49.95 Karen Scott  
2010 C28055 Adora Belle - Rock This Town Bitty Belle Rock this town outfit from Vegas show/ porcelain. Bitty Belle 5 Open 39.50 Marie Osmond  
2010 C28056 Adora Belle - Paper Roses Bitty Belle Black dress w/ rose trim like Marie wears during Vegas show/ porcelain. Bitty Belle 5 Open 39.50 Marie Osmond  
2010 C28058 Winter Glow Tiny Tot Red organza & satin dress w/ golden ribbon accents. Tiny Tot 5 Open 49.75 Karen Scott  
2010 C28109 Baby Sakura Tiny Tot Pastel pink pant set w/ matching bonnet adorned w/ fabric cherry blossom flowers Tiny Tot 5 Open 49.75 Ping Lau  
2010 C28110 Sweet Bonnie Heirloom quality dress w/ smocking, lace insets & embroidered floral details/ light lavender wicker bonnet w/ pastel flowers & ribbon/ $134.88. Toddler 12.5 750 163.50 Lori Ivanovic  
2010 C28112 Hannah Grace Classic reproduction doll/ cream color vintage-looking satin christening gown w/ lace overlays/ patent baby shoes/ handpainted light brown hair/ coordinating crocheted bonnet/ $149.94. Artist Signature Heirloom Collection 19 250 181.50 Monica Reo  
2010 C28116 Love For Lola Pastel pink dress w/ sheer floral embroidered overlay/ plush white Malteese puppy dog inspired by Marie’s Malteese/ $164.64. Toddler 18 700 181.50 JoAnn Pohlman  
2010 C28119 Baby Adora Belle - Wild Flowers Sheer organza dress w/ pink & light green embroidered flower pattern over a soft pastel green satin underskirt. Adora Belle 13 350 149.50 Marie Osmond  
2010 C28120 The Gift of Love Sheer aquamarine-colored dress detailed w/ goldtone beads/ hair ribbon includes a bronze-colored medallion that is inspired by a similar pin Marie wore when she starred in the movie, "The Gift of Love". Toddler 12.5` 750 149.50 JoAnn Pohlman  
2010 C28123 Violetta Soft violet bubble dress w/ sheer floral embroidered overskirt. Secret Garden 12 800 149.50 Karen Scott  
2010 C28124 Bee My Lil' Snuggle Bunny Jersey knit one-piece outfit w/ matching fleece vest, tiny bunny slippers, & jersey hat/ handpainted light brown hair/ blanket & horseshoe-shaped baby pillow. Newbee's 10 300 99.50 Beverly Stoehr  
2010 C28126 Tranquility Tiny Tot Sheer lavendar dress w/ embroidered butterfly details &white lace trim/ white patent Mary Jane shoes/ blonde hair styled in an updo/ brown eyes. Tiny Tot 5 Open 49.75 Karen Scott  
2010 C28127 Marina Shimmery aquamarine mermaid tail costume w/ sheer sparkly bodice/ coordinating headpiece/ crystal embellished starfish pin/ $142.44. Gifts From the Sea 19 800 172.50 Ping Lau  
2010 C28128 Forget Me Not Blue & yellow floral printed dress w/ sheer light yellow organza pinafore detailed w/ tiny blue Forget Me Not fabric flowers. Secret Garden 12 550 139.50 JoAnn Pohlman  
2010 C28130 Silver Lining Faux silk wedgewood blue dress w/ silver thread embroidery/ silver gray underskirting/ cameo brooch accent at the waist/ $136.26. Toddler 14 900 149.50 Beverly Stoehr  
2010 C28132 Andelyn - Wickedly Cute Unique green porcelain/ sheer organza dress embellished w/ flocked spider web design/ raven black hair highlighted w/ orange & white streaks. Toddler 20.5 350 149.95 Rachel Scott  
2010 C28235 Adora Belle Holiday 2010 Maroon dress w/ high heels/ upswept dark hair/ porcelain. Adora Belle 13 400 99.50 Marie Osmond  
2010 C28236 Rapunzel Let Your Hair Down Long blonde unbraided hair/ shades of pink period costume. Fairy Tale 18 400 120.00 Karen Scott  

Last updated 3/24/19

By Rebecca Shannon