"You Gotta Have Heart"

Year Item # Name Description Series Height Edition Size Cost Artist Sculpture
2009 C8276 Adora My Heart Belle Red organza & satin dress/ heart-shaped collar adorned w/ beading/ up swept brown hair/ Porcelain. Adora Belle 12 5000 92.76 Marie Osmond  
2009 C8286 Baby Lucy Sculpted in the likeness of Lucille Ball/ navy blue polka-dot dress & white apron that the icon wore so often on "I Love Lucy"/ curly red hair/ big blue eyes. You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby 12 Open 109.75 Karen Scott  
2009 C8290 Romance White organza dress w/ burgundy & pink floral embroidery/ dark brown, curly hair/ brown eyes. Collectible 16 1200 129.00 Karen Scott  
2009 C8291 Bee Mine New born baby boy yawning/ packaged in hospital nursery bed w/ birth announcement/ porcelain. New Bee's 5 Open 29.75 Jessica Schenk  
2009 C8291 Bee Loved New born baby girl sleeping/ packaged in hospital nursery bed w/ birth announcement/ porcelain. New Bee's 5 Open 29.75 Jessica Schenk  
2009 C8292 Baby Abby Tiny Tot Pink dress w/ black velvet bodice/ two high ponytails/ Marie's youngest daughter. Tiny Tot 5 Open 49.50 Marie Osmond  
2009 C8293 Betsy Bubbles White eyelet shirt under pink bubble-print apron dress/ holding a tiny wand w/ faux bubble on the end/ light brown hair/ brown eyes. Playtime Toddler 10 1200 130.00 JoAnn Pohlman  
2009 C8294 Baby Connie Created after Marie's hair stylist and dear friend, Connie Ljungberg. Dear to My Heart Toddler 12 1000 159.95 Karen Scott  
2009 C8295 Darlene Red & white striped dress w/ heart-pattern overskirt/ red bow in her curly blonde locks. Heart to Heart 12 1200 152.00 Karen Scott  
2009 C8300 Baby Lex Frilly tutu & matching top/ long locks are styled for the stage in high pigtails tied w/ pink bows/ Lisa's daughter. Toddler 12 1000 164.00 Lisa Hatch  
2009 C8304 Adora Sprinkles Belle Confectionery dress in shades of pink w/ tiny bead sprinkle accents & matching hat/ blonde hair/ green eyes/ cupcake theme/ Vinyl. Adora Belle 14 1500 102.00 Marie Osmond  
2009 C8312 Katie Sue Grandma's Rose Garden Tiny Tot Sheer black dress w/ red flocked rose accent/ black hair/ green eyes. Tiny Tot 5 Open 51.00 Lisa Hatch  
2009 C8317 Vivian Cream dress w/ burgundy roses/ brown hair & hazel eyes. Toddler 12 1000 149.95 Sonja Bryer  
2009 C8318 Lamé Tiny Tot Fuchsia lamé fabric dress w/ matching bow/ blonde curly hair/ blue eyes. Tiny Tot 5 Open 51.00 Karen Scott  
2009 C8322 Alyssa Blue Sheer, faux silk dress w/ white floral ribbon accents & matching hair bow/ black hair/ blue eyes. Classical Beauties 16 1200 108.00 Kathy Smith-Fitzpatrick  
2009 C8327 Little Bo Peep Frilly print dress w/ pin tucking/ ribbon rossettes/ lace accents/ matching hat & white staff. Rhyme Time 14 1000 99.75 JoAnn Pohlman  
2009 C8335 Be Mine Keepsake Pink satin dress w/ netting overlay, satin pantaloons, & matching headpiece/ holds a heart-shaped faux sugar cookie that reads, "Be Mine." Keepsake 9 Open 32.00 Studio  
2009 C8342 Luck O' the Irish Keepsake Green satin jacket w/ matching pants, a plaid vest, & green hat/ "Luck of the Irish" banner/ red curly hair/ green eyes. Keepsake 9 Open 32.00 Studio  
2009 C8344 Baby Grace Cream-colored christening gown w/ lace & ribbon floral accents/ pillow/ hand painted hair. Heirloom Baby 17 1000 152.00 Beverly Stoehr  
2009 C8307 Baby Genji Chinese satin one-piece outfit, hat, & slippers rich in tradition/ black hair/ brown eyes/ resin. Toddler 14 500 164.00 Ping Lau  
2009 C8309 Cleopatra & Ceasar Wearing costumes that were inspired by similar costumes Donny and Marie wore on their 1970s television show/ dark brown hair/ brown eyes. Petite Amour Toddlers 4 500 86.25 Studio  
2009 C8359 Rubina Fairy Tot Cranberry tulle skirt w/ matching slippers/ long, curly, dark brown hair/ green eyes/ rose motif body art. Fairy Tot 8 Open 51.00 Karen Scott  
2009 C8350 Doll Care Kit              
2009 C4668 Baby Steiner Baby interpretation of the famous Jules Steiner face from 1880's/ vintage-inspired light blue dress w/ dainty lace trim & white satin ribbon in her hair/ retail had it 2008. Vintage Toddlers 12 500 179.95 Karen Scott  
2009 C3902 Tiger Subtle orange & white striped plush/ porcelain cherub baby face/ retail had it 2008. 3's a Charm 11 2000 79.95 Ping Lau Original
2009 C141420 Dream Girl Pink tricot night set accented by rows of ruffles, pink rosettes, sculpted sleeping eyes, & a mechanism in the chest that provides a realistic breathing motion/ retail had it in 2007. Toddler 19 1000 159.95 Rachel Scott  
2009 C10565 Bella's Kewpie Colorful floral printed dress w/ coordinating sweater & headband/ comes w/ special "100th Anniversary Kewpie" porcelain figurine. Quite A Pair 12 300 143.75 Sonja Bryer  
2009 C10566 Summer Romance Sheer embroidered dress w/ satin underskirt/ dark brown hair/ brown eyes. Collectible 17 500 134.00 Karen Scott  
2009 C10567 Baby Sakura Means "cherry blossom" in Japanese/ pink floral two-piece outfit w/ gold trim accents/ matching hat w/ pink faux silk flowers. Toddler 22 500 164.50 Ping Lau  
2009 C10575 Harmony-Summer Time Peach dress w/ printed floral pattern/ headband w/ faux silk flower accents/ blond curly hair/ blue eyes. Musical Moments 12 500 154.50 Karen Scott  
2009 C10576 Audrianna Periwinkle dress w/ scalloped edge & beading along the bodice. Toddler 12 300 139.75 Sonja Bryer  
2009 C10596 Baby Mermaid-Queen of the Sea Costumed in off-white organza & tulle accented w/ tiny beads, sequins & faux shells/ long blond hair/ blue eyes/ articulated head & arms/ tail is posable w/ wire armature inside. Toddler 20 150 164.50 Ping Lau  
2009 C11062 Baby Mary Beth Pastel pink organza & satin dress w/ bow in her hair/ sculpted in the likeness of QVC host, Mary Beth Roe. Dear To My Heart Toddler 11 750 145.00 Sonja Bryer  
2009 C11074 Katelyn Blush peach faux silk dress w/ fabric flower rosettes/ sage green tulle underskirt/ coordinating shoes & headband/ posable/ jointed legs. Toddler 13 400 139.00 Beverly Stoehr  
2009 C11091 Baby Aisha Cream faux silk dress w/ fabric flower trim & beaded accents. Toddler 14 300 129.00 Karen Scott  
2009 C11104 Nicole Modern Bride White satin & tulle gown accentuated w/ beaded detailing/ sheer hose/ tiny garter/ veil/ $282.84   26 100 310.00 Monica Reo  
2009 C11105 Catherine Elizabeth Wax over porcelain/ creamy pink reproduction drop waist dress w/ vintage look sheer overlays, lace trim & ribbon rosettes/ posable $188.28. Classics 24 200 207.00 Mary Benner  
2009 C11114 Baby Olive Marie Heirloom Vintage detailing/ lace panels/ ribbon rosettes/ $122.13. Toddler 12 1500 147.50 Marie Osmond/ Karen Scott  
2009 C11116 Valerie Lavender sheer organza dress w/ velvet bodice/ ribbon flower accents/ posable. Classical Beauty 15 550 89.50 Sonja Bryer  
2009 C11118 Goldilocks Floral print peach dress/ hand painted eyes/ blond ringlets/ posable head, arms & legs/ Steiff teddy bear/ $238.20. Quite A Pair 24 250 262.00 Monica Reo  
2009 C11123 Baby Emily - Treasured Moment White gown w/ pin tucking & smocked details/ light blue ruffled underskirt/ coordinating hat & baby booties/ $114.60. Toddler 17 500 138.50 Sonja Bryer  
2009 C11125 Andelyn Wedgewood blue crinkle fabric dress w/ sheer layers & ruffled skirt w/ beaded heart details/ $142.80. Toddler 22 350 157.00 Rachel Scott  
2009 C11128 Marie at 3 Tiny Tot Turquoiose & marabou trimmed dress/ inspired by Marie's dress she wore on the Andy Williams show at age 4. Tiny Tot 5 1250 49.50 Emily Garthwright  
2009 C11129 Baby Jessica Picture Day Dress designed to look like watercolor painting/ $122.13. Dear To My Heart Toddlers 10 1500 147.50 Vincent DeFilippo  
2009 C11130 Baby Boo Pastel pink baby outfit w/ matching hat/ Vinyl/ $66.48. New Bee's 20 500 73.00 Sheri Williams  
2009 C11131 Harmony - Twinkle Twinkle Wind up music box plays "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"/ dark navy blue taffeta dress w/ sequined bodice & hair bow/ posable/ jointed legs/ $122.13. Musical Moments 12 600 147.50 Karen Scott  
2009 C11136 Cherry Blossoms White wrap around faux silk dress w/ blush pink fabric flowers adorned w/ tiny crystals/ porcelain. Babies A Bloom 12 400 139.95 Ping Lau  
2009 C27274 Rosemary Bru Dress inspired by fashion from the 1800s w/ lace netting, ribbon rosettes, dainty ribbons faux pearl detailing. Collectibles 13 250 149.00 Mary Benner  
2009 C27277 Baby Abigail Blessing Day Tiny Tot Long white gown w/ rows of ruffles down the back & delicate embroidered lace overlay complete w/ faux pearl & sequin embellishments. Tiny Tot 5 1000 79.50 Sonja Bryer  
2009 C27279 Baby Tina Layers of pastel pink tulle & crystal embellished floral accents. Toddler 12 425 139.75 Karen Scott  
2009 C27280 Chloe Sunrise blush colored dress w/ embroidered sheer overlay/ golden red hair/ coordinating hair accent. Toddler 14 600 139.75 Sonja Bryer  
2009 C27282 Harmony–What Child Is This Black embroidered chiffon w/ scalloped edging over deep red/blue iridescent taffeta & coordinated headband/ wind-up music box/ $131.88. Musical Moments 12 500 145.00 Karen Scott  
2009 C27283 Mimi Black & white toile dress w/ accented w/ bright red ruffled detailing. Toddler 12 500 145.00 JoAnn Pohlman  
2009 C27284 Paper Roses Sculpted in Marie's likeness/ long black satin skirt w/ ruching details in the back & large rose details on the front/ dark brown hair/ handpaited brown eyes/ $44.76. Fashion Doll 16 2500 54.00 Sandra Bilotto  
2009 C27285 Scarlet “Scarlet” red taffetta dress w/ white faux pearl accented bodice & coordinated hair bow. Classical Beauty 13 700 89.50 Kathy Smith-Fitzpatrick  
2009 C27286 Soyala Tan faux suede dress w/ fringe & beaded detailing/ $113.76. Native American 14 350 125.00 Karen Scott  

Last updated 3/24/19

By Rebecca Shannon