Year Item # Name Description Series Height Edition Size Cost Artist Sculpture
2004 C0963 Olive May Heartfelt Variation-on-a-theme of her first sculpt/ fabric-over-porcelain medium giving the appearance of felt/ sculpted in tribute to her mother. Heartfelt 15 250 249.00 Marie Osmond Original
2004 C00626 Adora Belle Baby Variation-on-a-theme of the original Belle/ baby pink satin poofy dress w/ white lace overlay/ Annette Funicello white plush baby bear/ Porcelain. Adora Belle 12 5000 150.75 Marie Osmond Original
2004 C00627 Lizzy Lemon Fruit Cup 1st doll in series/ miniature versions of the "Fun Fruits" dolls/ lemon-embroidered, blue chambray outfit/ just tasted lemon for the first time! Fruit Cup 5.5 Open 41.75 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2004 C00628 Yellow Rose of Texas Technically named "Texas"/more common name . . . "Yellow Rose of Texas"/ unique fabric w/ sheer yellow roses inset into a cream-colored solid & tied ribbon headband w/ 12 yellow roses. Coming Up Roses 12 3000 132.50 Beverly Stoehr Original
2004 C00629 Mabel Loving tribute to the sculptor's great-grandmother/ created from a cherished family portrait/ vintage clothing of a by-gone era. Portrait 29 300 238.75 Karen Scott Original
2004 C00630 Adora Belle Hollywood Star Created & named in commemoration of the Osmond Family receiving a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame on August 7, 2003/ navy blue dress w/ white polka dots & head scarf/ Jackie O. style/ sunglasses/ Vinyl. Adora Belle 15 2232 80.25 Marie Osmond Original
2004 C00631 Cotton Candi So pink & poofy, she looks as if she'll melt in your mouth!/ pink w/ white swiss-dot bubble skirt w/ airy pink netting trim/ holds a cone of cotton candy. Toddler 13 1500 151.25 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2004 C00632 Winter Blessing Creamy white dress/faux fur trimmed overcoat/matching faux fur hat. Toddler 15 1500 162.50 Karen Scott Original
2004 C00633 Arabella Unique floral painting, applied directly to her porcelain/ mystical fairy of the flowers/ airy, multi-colored costume subtly adorned w/ flower petals. Collectibles 12 750 160.25 Karen Scott Original
2004 C00634 Peace Rose Bud Variegated coloration of cream, yellow and pink netting/ commemorates the shining example of the human spirit to strive for peace. Rose Buds 5.5 Open 41.75 Sonja Bryer Original
2004 C00636 Hareloom Bitty Bunny Miniaturized version of the plush & porcelain original/cream colored fur/ gold trim. Bitty Bunnies 5.5 Open 36.00 Linda Henry Original
2004 C00637 Loves Me/ Loves Me Not Hand-painted, resin dolls/ seated in resin daisies picking off petals. Weebies 3.5 Open 32.75 Ping Lau Original
2004 C00638 Lavender Lady One of several "Rose" inspired & costumed pieces. Home Decor 9 Open 59.00 Michael Evert Original
2004 C00639 What's Cookin'? Represents the joy of a home-cooked meal/ red & white checker fabric w/ white apron & chef's hat/ holds a baker's rolling pin. My Favorite Things 12 750 140.25 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2004 C06907 China The first in an exclusive, continuity grouping for QVC/ authentically styled in a native costume from her homeland/ collection includes a world globe display, which holds all 6 dolls in the series/ Auto ship every 60 days. Dolls Around the World 8.5 Open 69.25 Ping Lau Original
2004 C00657 Susie Dressed in a timeless baby-blue batiste w/ heirloom quality design & ribbon-embroidery highlights/ holds a pillow with "Mother, I Love You" stitched on it. Toddler 15 1000 165.00 Lisa Hatch Original
2004 C00658 Princess Rose Bud Regally costumed in a creamy-white gown w/ re-embroidered lace, satin, bridal netting & rosette trim. Rose Buds 5 Open 41.00 Sonja Bryer Original
2004 C00659 Huggs & Kissy - Red, White & I Love Blue A truly patriotic pair inspired by Uncle Sam and Betsy Ross, with red, rag hair & stitch-painted porcelain. Twins 10 3000 141.25 Marie Osmond Original
2004 C00660 Ruffle Bum Baby Sculpted in crawling position, & can easily sit, as well/ costumed in coordinating peach and cream fabrics, and comes with her own baby quilt. Toddler 14 1500 164.75 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2004 C00661 Fuzzy Baby & Hareit Bitty Bunnies "Hareiat" (the mother) lovingly cuddles her "Fuzzy Baby", and is dressed in a pink print w/ blue trim apron. Bitty Bunnies 5 Open 51.25 Linda Henry Original
2004 C00662 Heaven on Earth Costumed in a simple, yet elegant, peach pink silk dress w/ crocheted inset waistband, adorned w/ 12 ribbon-embroidered roses/ long, brown hair/ darker toned porcelain. Coming Up Roses 16 3000 165.00 Sonja Bryer Original
2004 C00665 Oh! You Beautiful Doll Dressed in a cloth-doll costume w/ a mop-top of ringlets & an oversized bow, "Oh! You Beautiful Doll" is an endearing reminder of our childhood memories of dancing and dolls. Tiny Dancers 8 2000 59.25 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2004 C00667 Adora School Beau It's back to school/ costumed in timeless school attire/ slingshot in his back pocket/ Vinyl. Bitty Belle 9 Open 49.00 Marie Osmond Original
2004 C00668 Adora School Belle It's back to school/ costumed in timeless school attire/ Vinyl. Bitty Belle 9 Open 49.00 Marie Osmond Original
2004 C00669 I Pique You New sculptor/ a fun play-on-words, "I Pique You" is costumed in pique fabric w/ floral print & holds a bouquet of flowers for the one she "piqued". Expressions of Love 13 500 165.00 Caroli Original
2004 C00670 Apricot Nectar Rose inspired/ sculpted torso/ pin cushion bottom. Home Decor 9 Open 59.00 Michael Evert Original
2004 C02440 Sherry Cherry Fruit Cup Life is like a bowl of cherries/costumed in a smocked bodice front, cherry print cotton dress, w/ red & white gingham trim & red patent leather shoes/ tiny white basket full of plump cherries. Fruit Cup 5 Open 41.75 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2004 C02443 Fashion A Belle - Ruby Doll collector, Mariah Hale, presented this Adora Belle design to Marie at a signing & Marie loved it so much, she put it into her line! Dressed to impress in her silky, slinky burgundy evening gown, w/ white faux fur wrap, long white gloves and lots of bling bling/ Vinyl. Adora Belle 16 500 99.00 Marie Osmond Original
2004 C02445 Cherries Jubliee First in it's series/ costumed in a cherry-print jumper w/ black & white checkerboard background, feminine lace collar & red satin ribbons trims. Sweet Treats 12 2000 131.50 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2004 C04397 Bee in My Bonnet 1st in series/ bugged theme/ each doll has gingham check incorporated into the costume. You're Buggin' Me 10 2000 109.50 Sonja Bryer Original
2004 C04398 Victorian Bunny Love Vintage green, pink & cream dress w/ cameo at the neck/ dainty hat/ parasol. Collectibles 6.5 1500 41.75 Bunny Love Repro
2004 C04399 Boys Will Be Boys & Girls Will Be Girls - Summer Boy is fishing/ girl is catching butterflies. Four Seasons 10 1500 121.00 House  
2004 C05744 Mademoiselle Victorian-inspired dress w/ floral sash & bonnet. Somewhere in Time 9.5 750 99.00 Kathy Smith-Fitzpatrick Original
2004 C00664 Lolli Tiny Tot The original "Lolli" toddler doll quickly became a favorite for Marie Osmond doll collectors, & now Marie is pleased to offer her in miniature form/ floral romper, w/ long red braids & holds her favorite flavored lollipop. Tiny Tot 5 Open 41.00 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2004 C06753 Baby Abigail Sculpted, created & named after her youngest child, Abigail/ dressed in an orchid-colored velvet, w/ feminine cream lace accents. Toddler 14 5000 162.50 Sonja Bryer/ Marie Osmond Original
2004 C06756 Hugs & Kisses “Wee Bees” are hallmarked on the bottom of one of their thighs/ consecutively numbered & cute as a collectible can be! Wee Bees
3 Open 32.75 Ping Lau Original
2004 C06759 Baby Darling 10th doll in series/ costumed in a rose-print, apricot-color blend cotton dress w/ creamy white batiste pinafore w/ twelve roses embroidered upon it/ chubby & cherubic face, w/ subtle apricot painting & blond, loose ringlets. Coming Up Roses 15 3000 159.50 Lisa Hatch Original
2004 C06760 Bear Hugs & Kissy Vignette full of personal touches as “Kissy” was sculpted & created by Marie, & “Bear Hugs,” an Annette Funicello bear, bares the imprint of Annette’s lips! Quite A Pair 10 2500 99.75 Marie Osmond Original
2004 C06761 Here Comes Trouble “Here Comes Trouble” once a baby learns to crawl!/ first doll in “First Things First” collection First Things First 16 2000 98.75 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2004 C06764 Queen Elizabeth Rose Bud Named after the daughter of Mary Beth Roe, Marie’s dear friend/ created & a miniaturized version of the original toddler, which debuted in May of 2002. Rose Buds 5 Open 41.75 Sonja Bryer Original
2004 C06765 Apple Annie Fruit Cup Apple print dress/ dark blond/ holds apple. Fruit Cup 5 Open 41.75 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2004 C06774 Put On A Happy Face 1st doll in collection/ cheery sunflower print romper, bright yellow accents, plays “Put On A Happy Face”. Musical Moments 13 2000 129.75 Sonja Bryer Original
2004 C06775 Stella Dressed in a French blue silk dress, white satin bodice overlay w/ lace detailing, & a wreath of flowers in her chestnut hair/ QVC Exclusive. Collectibles 15 250 209.50 Karen Scott Original
2004 C06776 Shoa Mei Shao Pang has a sister! Meet “Shao Mei”, (meaning “Little Sister”)/ chubby, round face/ side-glancing eyes/ authentically dressed in an Asian flower-print satin. Toddler 12 2500 159.50 Ping Lau Original
2004 C06779 Belly Buttons & Bows First-ever porcelain exposed belly-buttoned baby/ dressed in a buttons & bows theme & holding her belly-baring teddy bear. Toddler 15 2500 153.25 Kathy Smith-Fitzpatrick Original
2004 C06780 Pink Ruffles Pin Cushion Elaborate torso meticulously sculpted by Michael Evert and crafted in hand-painted, fine porcelain & actual pin cushion bottom. Home Decor 9 Open 59.00 Michael Evert Original
2004 C06781 Bedtime Stories Dressed for slumber in flannel, juvenile-printed P.J.’s/ holds her favorite book in anticipation of reading it w/ mommy or daddy. Toddler 12 2500 119.00 Penelope Carr Original
2004 C08760 Adora Belle Let Freedom Ring Costumed in red, white & blue w/ plenty of stars & stripes/ symbolizes love of country and the freedom we hold so dear/ Vinyl. Adora Belle 14 Open 80.25 Marie Osmond Original
2004 C05437 Blossom New vinyl w/ beating heart. Babies A Bloom     99.00 Ping Lau Original
2004 C09230 Butterflies in My Tummy Lavendar cotton dress w/ butterfly print/ light green gingham trim/ sandals. You're Buggin' Me 10 2000 99.00 Sonja Bryer Original
2004 C09231 Daisy Jane Light blue dotted swiss dress w/ daisy embroidered organza overlay/ blond/ blue eyes/ bouquet of daisies. Toddler 14 1500 165.75 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2004 C09232 Emmerson Rose Mauve lace over satin dress/ strand of pearls/ flower headband. Portrait 14 2000 164.75 Sonja Bryer Original
2004 C09233 We Wish You A Merry Christmas 1st in series/ red & green Christmas plaid/ lacy underslip/ plays music. Musical Moments 10 1500 129.50 Sonja Bryer Original
2004 C09234 Child's Play Rose Bud Frilly representation of Child's Play rose/ blond curls. Rose Buds 5 Open 41.75 Karen Scott Original
2004 C09236 Sophie Brenn Silk dress/ mohair wig/ her own "Salty" doll. Miracle Babies 15 2000 164.00 Sonja Bryer Original
2004 C09237 Adora Belle Holiday 2004 Red, green & gold plaid/ long, brown sausage curls/ hazel eyes. Adora Belle 15 Open 79.95 Marie Osmond Original
2004 C09238 Horror-A-Belle Orange, green & purple dress/ black lace mantilla/ white streaks in her long black hair. Bitty Belle 9 Open 48.25 Marie Osmond Original
2004 C09239 Terri-beau Vampire-esq white tuxedo shirt/ black pants/ orange cumberbund/ bow tie & green cape. Bitty Belle 9 Open 48.25 Marie Osmond Original
2004 C09240 Baby Annette Holiday Christmas red dress of organza and satin/ Christmas stocking/ Annette bear. Quite A Pair 14 3000 177.75 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2004 C09241 Li Ying Little Asian baby/ pink satin embroidered traditional Asian infant wear. Toddler 10 3000 131.75 Ping Lau Original
2004 C09242 Nuts About You Acorn print dress w/ bolero style pumpkin orange metallic jacket/ acorn & lace trim/ red hair/ brown eyes/ freckles. Expressions of Love 15 1000 163.00 Diane Vollmer Original
2004 C09243 Vivian Ivory colored dress w/ hand smocked bodice & lace trim/ brown hair & eyes. Collectibles 21 750 160.00 Sonja Bryer Original
2004 C09244 Candi Corn Candy corn themed dress. Sweet Treats 13 1000 139.95 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2004 C09245 Stacey Strawberry Fruit Cup African-American/ navy blue & white jumper w/ red shirt & accents/ barefoot. Fruit Cup 5 Open 41.75 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2004 C09410 M'Lissa Virginia Tiny Tot Trio Reduction of popular M'Lissa Virginia's: Original in black & silver/retail exclusive in red/QVC exclusive in blue. Tiny Tot 5 Open 106.25 Lisa Hatch Original
2004 C09756 Baby Adora Holly Belle QVC Exclusive/ red corduroy jumper w/ holly emroidered white cardigan/ black short curls/ green eyes. Adora Belle 12 5000 151.50 Marie Osmond Original
2004 C10057 White Christmas Rose 11th in series/ white satin & embroidered organza dress/ 12 white sequined & bead roses scattered throught the skirt/ headband of white organza rosettes. Coming Up Roses 11 3000 149.75 Karen Seamons Original
2004 C06777 Adora and Her Dolly Designed to reflect our collective passion for dolls!/ strolls her dolly along as if she were her own baby, & dreams of being a real mommy some day. Bitty Belle 9 Open 86.00 Marie Osmond Original
2004 C09235 Sunrise, Sunset "Sunset"-sleeping baby on quarter moon; "Sunrise"-stretcing baby on morning sun. Weebies 3 Open 32.25 Ping Lau Original
2004 C15776 Olive May Loving Tribute Marie's mother, Olive May, wore the colors fuchsia & purple, her favorites, on the momentous day in 1944 when she married Marie's father, George. Over half a century later, Marie honors the mother she so adores with the Olive May Loving Tribute doll/ floral-print dress of fuchsia & purple/ accented w/ faux flowers around her waist & atop her head. Toddler 13 4800 167.25 Marie Osmond Original
2004 C15778 Holly Red fleece dress w/green & white trim & holly appliques/ red & white striped tights/ red fleece panties/ red & green "elf" shoes/ red fleece cap/ brown curly hair/ green eyes/ "giggle" mechanism/ cuddle me vinyl. Babies A Bloom 13 1500 94.75 Ping Lau Original
2004 C15779 Baby Marie Picture Day Tiny Tot Pink dress w/ roses. Tiny Tot 5 Open 39.95 Beverly Stoehr Original
2004 C15780 Little Bit Country Kissy & Huggs Blue & white checkered shirts/ blue & beige printed overalls & pinafore. Twins 10 1500 127.50 Marie Osmond Original
2004 C15781 Ena Tiny Tot Thai baby named after the youngest child in "The King & I". Tiny Tot 5 Open 39.95 Carole Bowling Original
2004 C15783 Boys Will Be Boys & /Girls Will be Girls - Winter She has red & white winter set w/ black Mary Janes carrying ice skates/ He is in royal blue winter coat/ grey pants/ red hat/ snowball in hand. Four Seasons 10 1500 116.00 House  
2004 C15786 Victorian Christmas Bunny Love Burgandy velvet overcoat w/ pink trim/ matching cap. Collectibles/Bunny Love 6 2000 39.25 House  
2004 C15791 Boyz N' Berry Fruit Cup Denim shorts/ high top sneakers/ baseball cap/ blond hair/ blue eyes. Fruit Cup 5 Open 39.95 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2004 C15796 Christmas Cookie Christmas printed dress w/ green, red & white checkered pinafore/ auburn brownhair in pigtails/ green eyes/ holding her Christmas gingerbread cookie. Toddler 12 1000 136.50 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2004 C15804 Susie Rose Bouquet Deep red skirt/ ivory knit sweater w/ ribbon embroidered flower basket on bodice/ flower headpiece/ dark brown hair/ blue eyes. Toddler 14 1500 169.95 Lisa Hatch Original
2004 C15817 Clara Tiny Tot Sky blue satin dress w/ creamy organza overdress/ lace up boots/ holds wooden Nutcracker. Tiny Tot 8 Open 39.95 Karen Scott Original
2004 C15830 Adora Belle Angel 2004 White organza dress w/ gold glitter stars/ marabou feather trim on hem/ halo/ feather wings/ long blond hair/ blue eyes. Adora Belle 15 2000 79.95 Marie Osmond Original
2004 C15834 Cherry Vanilla 50's style pink fleece skirt & argyle applique patterned fleece sweater vest/ saddle shoes/ holding cherry vanilla sundae & spoon/ brown hair/ blue eyes. Ice Cream Kids 12 1500 86.25 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2004 C15850 Farmer's Daughter Farm theme printed pinafore complete w/ blue skies, rollinghills, barns & roosters/ barn red shoes/ holding a rooster/ red hair/ sky blue eyes. Toddler 12 1000 153.00 Karen Scott Original
2004 C15860 Let It Snow Delicate white dress/ velvet bodice w/ flocked snowflakes imprinted on the organza fabric skirt/ layers of white netting slips/ trimmed w/ rhinestones. Toddler 11 2000 137.50 Sonja Bryer Original
2004 C15862 Breathtaking in Blue Deepest blue taffeta dress w/ black velvet flocked flowers/ sprinkled w/ stardust glitter/ trimmed w/ black piping & bows. Captivating in Color 14 600 167.00 Ralph Bienert Original
2004 C15866 Chenille Yellow & blue floral print dress w/ smocked bodice & embroidred trimmed collar/ matching yellow chenille coat, hat & shoes/ blond hair/ blue eyes. Material Girls 14 3000 149.95 Karen Scott Original
2004 C15901 PJ Sailor outfit/ brown hair/ brown eyes. Portrait 13 500 158.50 Ping Lau Original
2004 C15882 Hershey Kisses Milk chocolate colored dress w/ silver Hershey kisses printed through out/ silver slip/brown hair/ chocolate brown eyes. Hershey 10 5000 129.95 Ping Lau Original
2004 C22029 Little Jack Horner Patented new durable wax compound exclusive to Marie’s line/ sits in his corner, eating his Christmas pie/ Never shown on QVC. Waxallure 7.5 2000 139.00 Joann Gelin Original

Last updated 3/24/19

By Rebecca Shannon