Year Item # Name Description Series Height Edition Size Cost Artist Sculpture
2003 C21195 Baby Alexis Angel Kisses When sculptor (& mother) Lisa Hatch created the original "Baby Alexis" doll, daughter, Alexis, begged her not to put freckles on it/ Lisa reluctantly obliged then, but is happy to now introduce "Baby Alexis Angel Kisses" complete w/ freckles/ silver angel pin. Toddler 18 2000 139.50 Lisa Hatch Original
2003 C20689 Lovely In Lilac White silk gown w/ white organza overlay, embroidered w/ lilac, white & antique blue flowers in the style of the mid to late 1800's/ bonnet w/rosettes & a lilac plume. Captivating in Color 28 1500 295.50 Kathy Smith-Fitzpatrick Original
2003 C21193 Baby Annette Named and created for Annette Funicello/ white party dress w/lavender trim & accents/ lavender plush Annette Funicello bear. Quite A Pair 15 5000 201.25 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2003 C21462 All Toiled Up French toile print dress w/ all the trimmings/ white parasol/ dating back to the 1700's, toile printed fabric was a favorite of Marie Antoinette, Louie XVI and Napoleon. Toddler 13 3500 158.50 Sonja Bryer Original
2003 C21457 Kiana Embroidered bodice/ knee-length dress/ long auburn curls/ floral wreath in her hair. Heartfelt 18 750 127.00 Shirley Hunter Peck Original
2003 C21449 Kissy Red & white dress & pinafore & apron are detailed w/ hearts & XOXO print embroidery/ poseable head/ painted heart-shaped mouth/ Marie's nickname from her brothers. Twins 14 15000 98.75 Marie Osmond Original
2003 C21451 Huggs XOXO-themed shirt w/ blue & white checked bib overalls/ red & white bowtie and XOXO embroidered visor. Twins 14 15000 99.00 Marie Osmond Original
2003 C21452 Spring Bouquet Knee-length pastel dress w/ lavender & white accents/ cascades of blond ringlets/ straw hat/ final in series. Four Seasons 15 2000 130.00 Sonja Bryer Original
2003 C21453 King and Queen of Hearts African American/ heart themed outfits. Petite Amour Toddlers 3 2500 87.50 House  
2003 C21454 Peek-A-Boo Tiny Tot Tiny size of 1998 toddler/ pink dress/ Annette Funicello bear/ plays peek-a-boo with magnetized bear hands. Tiny Tot 5.5 Open 40.50 Marie Osmond/ Annette Funicello Original
2003 C21456 Boy'z 'N Berry Denim shorts/ high top sneakers/ denim basebal cap/ boysenberry-print boxers/ holds boysenberry fruit pop. Fun Fruits 14 2500 161.25 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2003 C21459 Peggy Ruffled denim short-alls/ pink cotton tee/ oversized denim hat/ pink daisy accents/ named for Peggy Vicioso. Toddler 22 1500 150.00 Karen Scott Original
2003 C21460 Brynn Nautical-themed dress of red, white & blue/ holds cloth doll as she salutes her country/ named after a collector's request. Collectibles 26 1500 190.50 Kathy Smith-Fitzpatrick Original
2003 C21464 Mary Sunshine Tiny Tot From 1998 two-faced toddler/ one smiling face/ one sad face. Tiny Tot 5.5 Open 43.75 Beverly Stoehr Original
2003 C21468 St. Paddy & His Bonnie Lass Traditional green velvet, red & green tartan accents & Irish-like lace/ St. Paddy wears a top hat & has a red mustache. Petite Amour Toddlers 3 2500 87.50 House  
2003 C21465 Small Dolls For All Seasons 2 Valentine Heart, Easter egg & July 4th Firecracker outfits. Tiny Tot 5.5 Open 70.00 Michelle Severino Original
2003 C21458 No No Nanette Yellow & blue print fabrics/ holding mommy's lipstick. Toddler 14 2500 129.25 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2003 C21989 Basket & Blooms Baby Colorful dress w/ a greatly detailed embroidered pinafore apron/ exclusive, miniature Peterboro basket full of flowers. Quite A Pair 13 3500 177.75 Sonja Bryer Original
2003 C22014 Child's Play Rose 6th in a series of 12/ Frilly, representation of the Child’s Play rose/ creamy white inner petals, variegating out to multi-shades of pink/ collar w/12 embroidered roses. Coming Up Roses 13.5 7500 151.00 Karen Scott Original
2003 C22015 Tabitha Unique doll in a nature fairy motif w/ earthy green, airy netting and colorful floral trims/ floral hand-painting on her porcelain/ first of it’s kind within Marie’s line. Collectibles 11 2000 158.50 Karen Scott Original
2003 C22016 Judy Mae New series sculpted and inspired by actual portraits/ Judith Mae Borgardt submitted her own baby photos to Marie, at the request of her near 90-year-old mother who thought her daughter would make “a great Marie Osmond doll”. Portrait 12 2000 158.50 Sonja Bryer Original
2003 C22017 Sunny Jo Sunflower print cotton dress/ruffled cream pinafore apron w/ decorative sunflower embroidery/ structured straw hat/ holds a hand-painted water can. Toddler 11 1500 129.00 Karen Scott Original
2003 C22018 Sunday Stroll Shiny cotton blend, blue rose toile print, w/ creamy white cummerbund/ knitted sweater w/blue embroidery accents/ carries a bible, as if strolling home from church/ long brunette loose curls cascade down her back. Collectibles 28 1500 200.00 Jessica Antoinette Original
2003 C22019 Ballerina Girl Tthe essence and fond memories of our little ones’ dance recitals/ standing classic pink tu-tu’d dancer. Tiny Dancers 7 5000 68.50 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2003 C22020 Good Ship Lollipop Chubby-limbed toddler wearing her sparkly pink, white, & blue nautical costume w/ black tap shoes, & an oversized bow in her hair. Tiny Dancers 7 2500 68.50 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2003 C22022 April Showers A sparkly, iridescent, April shower/ aqua colored dress w/ plenty of rain-like trimmings/ holds an umbrella to keep her dry, with mock raindrops falling from its brim. My Favorite Things 11 2000 129.00 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2003 C22026 Amaya Springtime Tiny Tot White cotton w/ colorful floral print dress w/ vivid pink trims & shoes/ oversized white hat. Tiny Tot 5.5 Open 43.75 Sonja Bryer Original
2003 C22028 Savannah Marie Tiny Tot Dark-haired beauty/ pastel peach & cream dress/ beauty dot near her left eye, indicating it is a Marie sculpt whose middle name is Marie's own. Tiny Tot 5.5 Open 43.75 Marie Osmond Original
2003 C22035 Adora Belle Spring Fling (Aqua) Sheer floral embossed dress w/ netting underneath/ sheer bodice accented w/ ribbons/ stiffened white lace, wide- brimmed hat/ Retail version in peach/ Vinyl. Adora Belle 16 Open 80.00 Marie Osmond Original
2003 C22036 Spring Daisy Pink felt gerbera daisy sitting in her felt, clay colored pot, reminds us all to “bloom where we are planted”! Toddler 10 2500 89.25 Michele Severino Original
2003 C22037 Summer Sunshine Here comes the sun . . . brightly costumed as a radiant, felt sun, so bright that even she has to wear sunglasses! Toddler 10 2500 89.25 Michele Severino Original
2003 C22038 Hear, See, Speak No Evil Welcome to the wee world of “Weebies”/ whether “Weebie Babies” or “Weebie Angels” or any other series . . . We be hoping you’ll love this uniquely adorable collection of hand-painted, resin dolls. “Weebies” are hallmarked on the bottom of one of their thighs. Weebies; Babies 3 Open 48.00 Ping Lau Original
2003 C22039 Enlightened The little girl in this painting is fascinated by the beautiful images in her new picture book. She has chosen a quiet place, bathed in light, to ponder the images and enjoy their stories. Nelda Pieper's art has been described as a romantic realism. Greet Card Dolls 5 Open 30.00 Nelda Pieper  
2003 C21461 Little Miss Muffet Seated on her tuffet/ spider beside her/ resin/ Never Presented. Waxallure 8 2000 139.00 Joanne Gelin Original
2003 C23021 Alice Debut doll/ themed & costumed to compliment famous works of art/ w/ miniature print of original painting/ reflects Claude Monet's "Garden at Giverny" masterpiece, & is named after his wife at the time he painted it/ Victorian-inspired dress w/ floral sash & bonnet. Artful Reflections 17 5000 149.50 Kathy Smith-Fitzpatrick Original
2003 C23022 got milk?® Blue, white, & yellow cotton dress w/ little cows/ eyelet & lace pinafore/ bloomers w/little cows on her bum/ got milk? Trademark appliqué on pinafore/ milk moustache/ milk mug. Toddler 15 5000 159.25 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2003 C23023 Baby Miracles 2003 20th Anniversary CMN Toddler/ peach dress w/ lace trim/ CMN logo tag & 2003 embroidered on her foot/ white shoes/ plush white bear/ short red pigtails/ blue eyes. Toddler 24 2003 143.00 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2003 C22024 May Flowers April Showers bring May Flowers/ floral cotton dress w/lace trim/ floral wreath in her hair/ holds a matching floral bouquet/ light brown hair/ green eyes. My Favorite Things 11 2000 129.00 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2003 C23026 Heros Tribute to our everyday heroes/ dressed as a firefighter & nurse/ she is dressed in a white nurse’s uniform, complete w/ hat/ he is dressed in brown pants, yellow jacket w/ matching hat. Petite Amour Toddler 3.5 2500 89.95 House Original
2003 C23027 Sweet Dreams Dressed in a pink tricot nightie, lace & embroidered appliqué trim/ matching slippers & blanket/ please note she is a seated doll. My Favorite Things 11 2000 130.00 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2003 C23029 Robin Inspired by Lisa Jane artwork/ iridescent turquoise dress w/ white & pink netting/ iridescent wings/ sits on floral covered faux rock. Artful Reflections 8 3500 140.00 Lisa Jane Original
2003 C23030 Send in the Clowns 3rd in the series/ multi colored metallic dress w/ matching tutu netting of green, purple and raspberry/ brown curly hair/ blue eyes. Tiny Dancers 7 2500 68.75 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2003 C23031 Rylee Tiny Tot Soft blue cotton dress w/ subtle floral print/ smocking across the bodice comes w/ soft sculpt bunny. Tiny Tot 5 Open 43.00 Sandra Babbin Original
2003 C23034 Baby Beverly Tiny Tot Soft white, pastel outfit & bonnet/ bunting quilt & pillow/ white wicker baby carrier trimmed w/ satin bows/ big brown eyes/ sculpted infant hair/ named after a dear friend, Beverly Stoehr, who is "Baby Beverly's" sculptor. Tiny Tot 5.5 Open 50.00 Beverly Stoehr Original
2003 C23054 Adora Belle Nautical & Nice Red, white & blue nautical costume, w/ ribbon & lace trim/ red ribbon in her black curls/ red patent leather shoes/ blue eyes/ Vinyl. Bitty Belle 10 Open 48.00 Marie Osmond Original
2003 C23054 Adora Beau Nautical & Nice Red, white & blue cotton sailor outfit w/ matching boat shoes/ vinyl/ blonde hair/ blue eyes/ Vinyl. Bitty Belle 10 Open 48.00 Marie Osmond Original
2003 C23037 Young Love 1st standing doll & final red rose in series/ red gown w/ sparkle-embossed roses, leg-a-mutton sleeves, rose embroidered white lace & rose-adorned waistband/ dolly/ TSV Price $149.00. Coming Up Roses 25 15000 179.50 Emily Garthwright Original
2003 C2674 Huggs-Mistle Ho Ho Ho Santa-esq costume w/ fur-lined neck, wrists, boots & hat/ mistletoe-themed vest, coordinates perfectly w/ "Kissy" & holds a sprig of mistletoe. Twins 14 6000 98.75 Marie Osmond Original
2003 C2680 Kissy-Mistle Ho Ho Ho Mrs. Santa-esq costume/white mistletoe-print, half apron w/ coordinating red cotton prints/ trimmed at the neck & sleeves w/ white faux fur/ red, rag hair & red face. Twins 14 6000 98.75 Marie Osmond Original
2003 C2684 Candi Cane First "Lolli", now "Candi Cane" carries on the delectable tradition of confectionary cuties/ candy cane-themed dress w/ netting overlay, gold lame underskirt/ red, ruffle trim. Toddler 15 500 170.00 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2003 C2685 Remember Me Rose Bud 1st doll in "Rose Buds" series/ Tiny Tot version of "Remember Me". Debuting in August 2001, as the 1st in Marie's "Coming Up Roses" collection, the original "Remember Me" quickly became one of the most sought-after dolls within Marie's line. Now as a "Rose Bud", she's a miniature replica of the collectible original. Rose Buds 5.5 Open 39.00 Marie Osmond Original
2003 C2719 Adora Belle Holiday 2003 Cotton toile print pinafore w/ snowmen over a burgundy cotton dress/ faux fur hat, cape & muff/ snow flake printed cream tights & cream Mary Jane shoes/ short brown curly hair/ blue-green eyes/ Vinyl. Adora Belle 15 Open 74.25 Marie Osmond Original
2003 C2747 Sheila Tiny Tot The original "Sheila" was introduced in 1998 as a "Trunk" series doll/ sea foam green, taffeta dress/ comes w/ a wooden treasure trunk filled with personal heirlooms. Tiny Tot 5.5 Open 49.00 Berdine Creedy Original
2003 C2750 Saundra Tiny Tot Introduced in 1999, "Saundra" was a blond-haired, blue-eyed cutie in a blue floral print dress/ Originally, "Saundra's" sculptor was listed as "anonymous", but we now proudly reveal that she is a Carole Bowling sculpt. Tiny Tot 5.5 Open 41.75 Carole Bowling Original
2003 C2751 Edelweiss Austrian folk dress. Tiny Dancers 7 2500 68.75 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2003 C2855 Franny Fruit Basket Multi-color & multi-fruit print cotton/ sun-kissed blond, looped braids w/ oversized bows. Fun Fruits 15 2500 156.25 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2003 C2861 4-Letter Words to Live By 1st in series/ young girl & her teddy bear playing w/ blocks, who have transformed 4-letter words into a more positive "4-Letter Words To Live By". Words to Live By 6 1000 44.00 Debbie Sampson Original
2003 C2871 Red Elegance 1st of several "Rose" inspired & costumed pieces within "Home Decor" collection/ her elaborate torso is meticulously sculpted by Michael Everet & is crafted in hand-painted, fine porcelain/ pin cushion bottom. Home Decor 9 Open 61.00 Michael Everet Original
2003 C2872 M'Lissa Virginia - Baby Blues Airy blue dress w/ blue & yellow embroidered flowers & edging/ very limited edition doll designed exclusively for QVC. Toddler 15 500 173.00 Lisa Hatch Original
2003 C10713 Ashlyn Second in series/ finely crafted in a highly collectible, wax-over porcelain medium, "Ashlyn" is a magnificant sculpt, with faux mo-hair & a cameo choker. La Femme Statuette 7 1000 61.00 Sonja Bryer Original
2003 C0953 Holly Lolli Green velvet dress/ holly trim/ holly shaped lolli-pop/ red braids. Toddler 14 2500 163.00 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2003 C0955 Santa Bunny & Mrs Paws Bitty Bunnies Dressed as Santa & Mrs. Claus/ porcelain-faced. Bitty Bunnies 5.5 Open 69.50 Linda Henry Original
2003 C0957 Naughty & Nice Sitting on their clouds of black and white/ little angel & devil. Weebies; Babies 3 Open 34.00 Ping Lau Original
2003 C0958 Here Comes Santa Claus Santa-esq red velvet costume w/ sparkle faux fur trim and all the holiday trimmings. Tiny Dancers 7 2000 69.00 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2003 C0959 Baby Brianna Marie's daughter/ white dress w/ lavendar flowers and trim/ brown hair/ Introductry priced at $138.74. Toddler 14 2000 152.50 Sonja Bryer Original
2003 C0960 American Classic Rose Bud Classic red rose colored dress/ dark hair. Rose Buds 5.5 Open 41.00 Sonja Bryer Original
2003 C0961 Sydney Pink winterwear coat & dress ensemble, w/ soft maribou trim & white beret/ named for sculptor's daughter. Toddler 14 1000 166.25 Karen Scott Original
2003 C0963 Bryanna Tiny Tot Holiday green velvet w/ shiny gold bow accents & white trim/ named for Marie's niece. Tiny Tot 5.5 Open 41.25 Rita Schmidt Original
2003 C0965 Peace On Earth Nativity set/ Mary, Joseph & Baby Jesus. Petite Amour Toddler 3.5 2500 88.00 House Original
2003 C0966 Suzanne Tiny Tot Mop-top of curls/ feminine, frilly blue dress/ named for Alan's wife. Tiny Tot 5.5 Open 41.00 Maryse Nicole Original
2003 C2852 Tawny Dusty blue sweater w/ sage green trim & pleated skirt/ new medium of cotton interlock fabric over porcelain, creating a felt doll look w/ better definition/ named after her sculptor. Heartfelt 22 500 150.00 Tawny Nix Original
2003 C Doll Magic Card & doll/ light blue dress. Greeting Card 6 Open 30.00 Tom Browning Reproduction
2003 C0964 White Angel White rose inspired/ wings/ dark hair. Home Decor 9 Open 49.00 Michael Evert Original

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By Rebecca Shannon