Year Item # Name Description Series Height Edition Size Cost Artist Sculpture
2002 C74386 Nikela African American/ light blue dotted swiss dress/ named after a good friend of Marie's/ first doll in the series. Waxallure 15 500 140.00 Carole Bowling Original
2002 C74392 Isobella Renaissance-inspired bride/ créme & gold embossed tapestry fabric & beaded cap w/ sheer hanging veils/ gold ribbons entwined in occassional braids throughout her hair. Somewhere in Time 28 1000 250.00 Jessica Antoinette Original
2002 C74384 Lolli Long auburn braids/ playtime romper/ summer sandals/ sprinkle of freckles across her nose. Toddler 14 2500 159.50 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2002 C74377 From Caterpillars to Butterflies Tiny Tot A poignant vignette of childhood that celebrates one of life's most beautiful transformations. Tiny Tot 5 Open Edition 49.00 Sonja Bryer Original
2002 C59113 Amelia The first beauty bust work of art in Marie's line/ finely crafted in a highly collectible, wax-over porcelain medium. La Femme Statuette 7 2000 69.50 Elisa Original
2002 C74387 Southern Girl A sweet southern belle with all the trimmin's. California Girls 9 5000 58.76 Reproduction Repro Dotty Darling
2002 C74402 Emma Josefa Named after Marie's husband's great aunt & in commemoration of all the immigrants who passed through Ellis Island. Somewhere in Time 18 2500 130.00 Sonja Bryer Original
2002 C74403 Rudy Marie's husband's grandfather/ lovingly created in commemoration of all of the immigrants who passed through Ellis Island. Somewhere in Time 16 2500 99.50 Sonja Bryer Original
2002 C74372 Patricia Lynne An original Marie Osmond sculpt w/ high quality "scalp" wig/ hand-made, exclusive christening gown/ sliver plated, engraved rattle/ personally hand signed by Marie. Edition 10 24 10 1,800.00 Marie Osmond Original
2002 C65160 American Classic Celebrating the beautiful & fragrant red American Classic rose/ soft rose accents/rose embroidered fabric/ rose scented pellets for her body stuffing/  she has dark brown hair/ light green eyes. Coming Up Roses 10.5 3000 155.00 Sonja Bryer Original
2002 C0353 Adora Belle Sweetheart Long brown curls/ white dress w/red hearts/ red shoes/ red heart purse/ Porcelain. Adora Belle 14 1000 92.00 Marie Osmond Original
2002 C74410 Pin case Medium grey nylon trimmed w/black cord/ Marie Osmond logo embossed onto the front panel in Marie's fushia color/ holds over 200 pins. Collector Pins 9x12x2 Open 29.50 N/A N/A
2002 C104026 Peace Variegated colors of cream, yellow & pink/ rich in symbolism of the human spirit that shone so abundantly following the tragedy of 9/11/ light red hair/ green eyes. Coming Up Roses 12 7500 154.75 Sonja Bryer Original
2002 C74379 Lizzy Lemon 1st in the "Fun Fruits" collection/ lemon applique accents on light blue romper/ teeth marks left in her lemon!/ beaded armature/ very poseable. Fun Fruits 14 2500 161.50 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2002 C104204 Rachael Tiny Tot Created and named after Marie's second oldest daughter/ flowered play outfit. Tiny Tot 5 Open 39.00 House Repro
2002 C104027 Baby Wizard of Oz Tiny Tot Miniature version of "the man behind the curtain". Their licensing agreement was ending so very few of him were made. Tiny Tot 5 Open 46.00 Sonja Bryer Original
2002 C104030 Veronica Violet Tea-length dress w/ occasional printed violets/ carrying a crocheted bag of violet scented potpourri. Sweet Sachet 19 2500 119.00 Adrienne Brown Original
2002 C104032 Hawaiian Girl Sun-kissed by the tropical sun of the islands & dressed in a Hawaiian-print bathing suit & cover-up. California Girl 9 5000 59.75 Reproduction Repro Dotty Darling
2002 C104036 Adora Belle Easter Eye-catching pastel peach & cream dress/ lots of lace trim/ basket/ Vinyl. Adora Belle 15 Open 79.00 Marie Osmond Original
2002 C74389 Scooter Pie Pale yellow dress/ white shoes/ lime green helmet, pink googles/ ribbons in her hair/ brown bear w/ pink scarf to keep him warm & a matching lime green helmet. Little Me 4 Open 27.00 House Original
2002 C59130 Confidant Greeting Card Young girl & favorite doll in conversation/ resin/ brown hair/ painted eyes Collectible Greetings 3.5 Open 31.50 Susan Scogins/Greg Olsen Original
2002 C65167 TSV Collector Pins #4 "Olive May and Friends Tiny Tots" TSV from January 1999/ "Olive May", "Baby Marie", "Ashley" and "Alexis" Tiny Tots/ cloisonne-like full color representations. Collector Pins 1.5 Open 30.00 N/A N/A
2002 C104028 Sherry Cherry Cherry patterned dress w/ red & white gingham trim/ basket full of cherries/ arms have beaded armature. Fun Fruits 15 2500 160.00 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2002 C104035 Adora Beau Groom Black wool tuxedo w/ top hat/ holding velvet ring case w/ ring in his right hand/ Vinyl. Adora Belle 15 Open 79.00 Marie Osmond Original
2002 C104039 Sunshine & Happiness Tiny Tots Sunshine & her cloth dolly, Happiness/ dressed alike in pastel embroidered, white cotton gauze summer dresses/ yellow yarn hair styled in ponytails & cloth feet. Tiny Tot 7 Open 41.00 Beverly Stoehr Original
2002 C107223 Rosie & Rags Tiny Tots Rosie- red & white dress w/ heart accents/ white pinafore w/ red trimming/ white ribbon atop her head. Rags- blue overalls w/ a red & white check shirt. Each has red hair & brown eyes. Tiny Tot 5.5 Open 69.00 Beverly Stoehr Original
2002 C107225 Uncle Sam & Libby Libby is dressed to represent the Statue of Liberty and Sam is in his red, white & blue w/ top hat. Petite Amour Toddler 3.5 2500 87.50 House  
2002 C71174 Queen Elizabeth Pink satin dress w/ sheer organza overlay embroidered w/ pink rose buds & mint green leaves & piping/ created & named after QVC host, Mary Beth Roe's daughter, Elizabeth/ blonde hair, blue eyes/ "Queen Elizabeth" trading pin. Coming Up Roses 12 20000 129.00 Sonja Bryer Original
2002 C107673 Paper Roses Tiny Tot Created & named after Marie's first hit song Paper Roses/ smaller porcelain version of the vinyl original/ pink & red floral dress. Tiny Tot 5 Open 39.00 Beverly Stoehr Original
2002 C107671 Adora Belle of Freedom Dressed in patriotic finest, w/ red, white & blue flag print dress/ white cotton pinafore w/ embroidered red & blue stars w/ red & white piping/ pie/ Vinyl. Adora Belle 15 Open 79.00 Marie Osmond Original
2002 C107669 Summer Breeze All-porcelain doll/ baby blue sleeveless, backless summer dress w/ matching bonnet/ pail & shove/ unique stand is sand-like, complete w/ seashells. Four Seasons 15 2000 120.00 Sonja Bryer Original
2002 C104023 Shelley Barefoot/ sky blue check print dress w/ white lace trim/ base is covered with sand, sea shells & footprints. Collectibles 24 2000 188.00 Kathy Smith-Fitzpatrick Origianl
2002 C107674 Shelby Pink jumper dress embroidered w/ flowers/ matching hat & tights/ purse/ created & named after granddaughter of Children Miracle Network Co-founder, Joe Lake.  Dear to My Heart 18 1500 119.00 Adrienne Brown Original
2002 C107667 I Love Ewe White cotton batiste & lace nightgown w/ pink satin ribbon trim & bows/ stuffed lamb who says "I Love You" when squeezed tight/ white fleece blanket w/ embroidered pink lamb/ lamb slippers. Expressions of Love 14 5000 120.00 Penelope Carr Original
2002 C74383 Patience A light-hearted depiction to a single woman's plight to be "Always a Bridesmaid", never a bride!/  Younger version of a vingtage bridesmaid dress/ pink dress. Always a Bridesmaid 15 2500 89.50 Carole Bowling Original
2002 C107670 Taki Red satin dress w/ cherry blossom floral print/ trimmed w/ black binding & accents/ named after an early childhood, family friend/ resin. Children of the World 16 2500 130.00 Carole Bowling Original
2002 C107675 This Little Piggy Baby in a quilted, pink jumper w/ lace trim/ pink cap w/ piggy ears/ holds pet pig/ plays “This Little Piggy” on her barefoot toes. Nursery Rhyme Time 7 5000 69.00 Kathy Smith-Fitzpatrick Original
2002 C107676 Apple Annie Cotton, apple-print dress, & shiny red apple in her backpack/ blond. Fun Fruits 14 2500 160.00 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2002 C104029 Collette Summer créme & blue dress/ formed-lace hat/ from Summer to Winter w/ crushed velvet cape, muff & bonnet/ tapestry covered box for winter clothes. Changing Seasons 26 1000 299.00 Mary Benner Original
2002 C107224 Angel Baby Boy Gold-on-gold patterned knickers & vest/ white dress shirt trimmed w/ gold buttons & piping/ halo/ harp. New Millennium 12 1200 108.00 Sonja Bryer Original
2002 C106297 Tiny Tot Display Shelf White painted wooden display unit w/ the Marie Osmond logo on top for Tiny Tots & other small dolls.   17x24 Open 80.00 N/A N/A
2002 C104040 TSV Favorites Collector Pins 5 "1993 Mother's Day Greeting Card", "1996 Mother's Day Greeting Card" and "Miracle Rosie & Rags". Collector Pins 1.5 Open 32.00 N/A N/A
2002 C19920 Princess Named & themed after the creamy white Princess rose/ intricate detailing of organza sheering on the bodice/ embrodiered lace overskirt/ open lace collar/ dozen dainty silk & crystal rosettes around neckline/ soft netting & floral hair wreath. Coming Up Roses 12 7500 159.00 Sonja Bryer Original
2002 C19921 Kris & Kriscinda Kringle Adorable toddler representation of the North Pole's most famous residents. Petite Amour Toddlers 3.5 5000 89.00 House  
2002 C19924 Beary Best Friends Tiny Tot In August 1999, Marie teamed up with Boyds Bears to created "Beary Best Friends"/ Marie is pleased to replicate "Beary Best Friends" in her "Tiny Tot" collection. Tiny Tot 5 Open 39.00 Sonja Bryer Original
2002 C19927 I Love You till the Cows Come Home Tiny Tot Reduced version of the 1998 original/ black & white gingham-checked cotton dress w/ sunflower & bovine trim/ holds her stuffed pet cow. Tiny Tot 5 Open 41.50 Rita Schmidt Original
2002 C19928 Autumn Harvest Deep green organza dress w/ black trim/ carries a basket full of the season's bounty/ broad brimmed hat. Four Seasons 16 2000 120.00 Sonja Bryer Original
2002 C19929 Francesca Autumn themed, full-body porcelain, poseable ballerina/ dressed in a golden-bronze organza costume w/ autumn accents. Four Seasons Ballerina 16 1500 178.50 Linda Henry Original
2002 C19930 Chika Reproduction "Bru" costumed in a finely detailed satin wedding kimono w/ an authentic headpiece & fan. Classics 23 2000 299.00 Mary Benner Original
2002 C19931 Tessa Antique burgundy dress w/ intricate ivory lace overlay/ poseable beauty/ named after a collector's request. Collectibles 16 2500 199.00 Marguerite Shirley Original
2002 C19932 Adora Belle Holiday 2002 Red & white striped cotton dress w/ candy cane trim/ auburn braids/ Vinyl. Adora Belle 15 Open 79.00 Marie Osmond Original
2002 C19934 Kesti 2002 Dressed in shades of blue & green w/ daisy accents/ embroidered fleece jacket/ clogs/ braided hair. Collectibles 19 2500 120.00 Joke Grobben Original
2002 C19937 Rae Antique gold, silk dress w/ vintage lace-up boots/ multibraid, faux mohair wig & captivating hand-painted eyes. Collectibles 23 1500 223.25 Karen Scott Original
2002 C20015 Pumpkin & Patches "Pumpkin", dressed as a round, orange pumpkin w/ vine-green leggings; "Patches", a baby scarecrow who has befriended the birds instead of scaring them away! Petite Amour Toddlers 3.5 2500 87.50 House  
2002 C19938 Stacey Strawberry African American/ blue & white cotton jumper w/ red shirt & strawbery accents/ holds strawberry plant/ barefoot. Fun Fruits 14 2500 160.00 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2002 C20496 Clara Sky blue satin dress w/ creamy organza overlay, lace trim, hand-embroidered flowers & smocking/ long auburn hair/ Steinbach wooden nutcracker ornament. Quite A Pair 28 5000 198.75 Karen Scott Original
2002 C20690 Hansel & Gretel Tiny Tots Playful interpretation of Grimm's beloved fairytale characters in miniature form/ burgundy rag hair/ ginger-bread themed costumes. Tiny Tot 5 Open 79.50 Beverly Stoehr Original
2002 C20680 Small Dolls for all Seasons Fall/ Winter trio of pumpkin, turkey & Christmas tree/ miniature replicas of Doll for all Seasons. Tiny Tot 3.5 Open 70.00 Michele Severino Original
2002 C17647 Angel Baby Tiny Tot Trio Heaven must be missing an angel. . . in fact, it's missing three!/ Angel Baby, Anniversary Angel & Angel Baby Boy. Tiny Tot 5 Open 98.50 Sonja Bryer Original
2002 C20681 Amaya Holiday Last in the series of three/ emerald satin & velvet dress w/ matching empire waist coat & gold trim/ brunette curls. Toddler 12 5000 151.50 Sonja Bryer Original
2002 C20684 Winter Splendor Red holiday gown w/ faux fur white cape/ beaded handbag/ stylish beret/ short brunette curls. Four Seasons 15 2000 129.75 Sonja Bryer Original
2002 C20685 Fay Rich, warm colors of autumn/ harvest print cotton dress/ auburn-brown hair w/ wreath/ named for Beverly's aunt. Toddler 14 2500 160.00 Beverly Stoehr Original
2002 C20686 Beary Special Baby Boy Bear & heart print soft flannel sleeper w/ bear-paw feet, bear embroidered bib, bear themed night cap & a bear bottom! Beary Special Babies 11 2000 127.00 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2002 C20687 Beary Special Baby Girl Bear & heart print soft flannel nightie, bear embroidered lacey bib, bear themed night cap & bear feet! Beary Special Babies 11 2000 127.00 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2002 C20688 Jasmine Jasmine is the symbol of amiability & sweetness/ French Bru Jun 11 sculpt/ pale pink dress. Classics 18 1000 178.25   Repro-Bru
2002 C107672 Hope Lavender taffeta & tulle/ beautiful African-American girl created in porcelain. Always a Bridesmaid 14 2500 89.50 Carole Bowling Original
2002 C20691 Angelica's 1st Birthday Tiny Tot Pastel party dress/ blond curls/ named for Marie's oldest daughter's nickname. Tiny Tot 5 Open 43.75 Beverly Stoehr Original
2002 C20692 Shao Pang Authentic red oriental print satin w/ gold trim & faux fur lined cape/ name means "little chub". Children of the World 13 3000 161.50 Ping Lau Original
2002 C20693 Adora My Teddy To commemorate 100 years of little girls adoring their teddy's/ modest, pink tricot teddy/ pink teddy bear/ upswept brunette curls. Adora Belle 15 Open 79.75 Marie Osmond Original
2002 C19933 Faith Mint green organza gown, satin underskirt, green velvet bodice/ imitation pearl accents/ carries purse in the asian tradition. Always a Bridesmaid 13.5 2500 89.25 Carole Bowling Original
2002 C21212 Adora Belle Heaven Sent Shimmery white organza dress, occasionally gathered & adorned with gold accents/ gold trimmed, sparkling wings/ coordinating halo/ red hair and brown eyes/ Vinyl. Adora Belle 15 Open 81.00 Marie Osmond Original
2002 C21191 Butterfly Kisses Interpretation of a playful butterfly kiss, with long eyelashes & subtle butterfly theme to her costuming/ memory of a child's butterfly kiss as it gently tickles your cheek w/ "Butterfly Kisses". My Favorite Things 11 2500 129.75 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2002 C21199 Ann Marie Holiday Tiny Tot Diminutive replica of the original doll which debuted in 1998/ cream w/ gold accent holiday dress/ named after one of Marie's nieces. Tiny Tot 5 Open 43.75 Sonja Bryer Original
2002 C21198 Diane Peach, party-going romper w/ oversized peach hair bow/ carries a fun filled gift/ named after her sculptor. Toddler 15 2000 161.25 Diane Vollmer Original
2002 C21197 Justine Drop-waisted, antique-brown dress w/ lace & satin ribbon accents/ displayed on a tapestry covered stand. Classics 18 1000 186.75 Mary Benner Repro-Bru Jun 11
2002 C21192 I Love You Lolli Red & white heart-themed dress w/ unique collar & heart-inspired trim/ heart-shaped lollipop. Toddler 15 2500 161.75 JoAnn Pohlman Original
2002 C21194 Olive May Twosome "Olive May Springtime" & "Olive May Sunday Best" a colorful, collectible, combo that Marie personally sculpted in miniature size. Tiny Tot 5 Open 82.50 Marie Osmond Original

Last updated 3/24/19

By Rebecca Shannon