Item # Name Description Series Height Edition Size Cost Artist Sculpture
1999 C53155 Olive May and Friends-TSV Olive May, Baby Marie, Ashley & Baby Alexisin minature size. Tiny Tot 5 20000 118.25 Osmond/ Stoehr/Hatch Original
1999 C53685 Partridge/Two Turtle Doves First set of ornaments in Marie's new 12 days of Christmas series. 12 Days of Christmas 3.5   48.00 Sonja Bryer Original
1999 C54681 Tooth Fairy Silver dress/ floral print chiffon pinafore w/ silver wings & tiny coins/ blond hair/ blue eyes. When I Grow Up 8 2500 58.75 Margie Costa Original
1999 C54683 Lots of Love White plush bunny in pink dress w/ feather wings & pink plush heart shaped rug. Velveteen Rabbit 10 5000 59.00 Marie Osmond Original
1999 C54685 Ena Thai baby dressed in yellow pants w/ embroidered jacket/ brown hair/ brown eyes/ named for youngest child in "The King & I". Toddler 15 5000 137.00 Carole Bowling Original
1999 C54698 Springtime Splendor Framed painting of garden & picket fence w/ doll in pink dress on swing/ blond/ blue eyes. Portraits in Porcelain 5 2500 98.75    
1999 C54701 Grandma Story Time Dressed in light green bathrobe, rocking baby and reading story Victorian Grandmas 5 2500 68.50 Sonja Bryer Original
1999 C54702 99 Valentine Greeting Card Blonde hair/ blue eyes/ red dress w/ sequins & seed beads/ long train. Greeting Card 5 Year of Production 29.75 Margie Costa Original
1999 C54703 Dance Company First Kodak figurine/ five girls at bar w/ instructor giving guidance. Archive 6 Year of Production 107.25 Alex Liao Original
1999 C55241 Romeo & Juliet Classically costumed in muted pastel period attire/ Romeo has blue tights/ green vest/ ivory shirt; Juliet has embroidered pink gown w/ pink cape. Little Loves 7 1500 96.50 Breta Finlinson Repro A. Marque
1999 C57089 Kristen African American baby in Battenburg lace dress/ hat w/ baby doll/ sleeping/ Retail '98. Toddler 18 5000 179.00 Brenda Connors Original
1999 C57093 Bunny Blues Blue dress/ ribbons in her blond hair/ bunny slippers/ her bunny lost an ear/ tears/ Retail '98. N/A 17.5 5000 117.00 Sonja Bryer Original
1999 C57085 Grandma's Rose Garden Blue skirt/ white blouse/ gardening apron/ basket of flowers/ sun hat. Victorian Grandmas 7 2500 68.00 Sonja Bryer Original
1999 C57094 96 Just Because Greeting Card Mint green lacy dress w/ hat/ blond upswept hair/ Retail 1996. Greeting Card 5.5 Year of Production 25.00 Marie Osmond Original
1999 C57082 Saundra Blonde hair/ cotton floral print in soft lavender & blue hues. Toddler 15 5000 125.00 Carole Bowling Original
1999 C57081 99 Mother's Day Greeting Card Blond hair/ lavender dress/ hand painted eyes. Greeting Card 5.5 Year of Production 29.00 Sonja Bryer Original
1999 C57080 Just Peachy Mini size velveteen rabbit/ peach fur/ porcelain face. Bit O'Bunny 4.5 Year of Production 39.00 Marie Osmond Original
1999 C57095 Baby Dorothy Authentically costumed/ blue check dress/ red shoes/ braided hair/ Toto. Wizard of Oz 15 1999 169.00 Sonja Bryer Original
1999 C60922 Dottie Anne Short pink chiffon nightgown w/ matching robe/ covered from head to toe with chicken pox dots/ bear/ body sculpted by Sandra Bilotto/ Retail '97. Injured 11 5000 79.00 Beverly Stoehr Original
1999 C60923 Bessie Bathtime Colorful wrap-around towel w/ ducky slippers, a shower cap & duck trim towel/ Retail '98. Miracle Children 9.5 Year of Production 69.00 Breta Finlinson Repro Googly
1999 C60926 Baby Miracles Tiny Tot Baby Miracles in tiny size/ electric blue dress w/sparkles / blond. Tiny Tot 7 Year of Production 39.00 Sonja Bryer Original
1999 C60933 From Caterpillars to Butterflies Lavender dress w/ a whispery skirt of embroidered tulle & layers of petticoats/ butterfly on hand/ caterpillar in flower pot. N/A 12.5 Year of Production 159.00 Sonja Bryer Original
1999 C60934 Count Cocky Cockroach Black dress pant/ maroon vest/ cape w/ maroon sequined lining/ for the Beauty Bug Ball. Beauty Bug Ball 9 7500 87.00 Linda Henry Original
1999 C54684 Very Beary in Love Heart & bear themed country cotton dress/ holds her cherished teddy bear. Toddler 19 2500 147.50 "Ghost Sculptor" Original
1999 C60927 King The King of Siam from The King & I. On Broadway 7.5 2000   Sonja Bryer Original
1999 C60928 Baby Tin Man The young woodsman in authentic likeness/ silver porcelain/ oil funnel hat/ w/ heart on a chain. Wizard of Oz 15 Year of Production 169.00 Sonja Bryer Original
1999 C60929 Baby Scarecrow Dorothy's sidekick in his search for a brain/ burlap clothing/ painted nose/ felt hat/ bits of straw. Wizard of Oz 15 Year of Production 169.00 Sonja Bryer Original
1999 C60930 Baby Cowardly Lion The King of the Forest who has lost his nerve/ long curly locks/ badge of courage. Wizard of Oz 15 Year of Production 169.00 Sonja Bryer Original
1999 C62389 Lilly Tiny Tot Tiny replica of the original Lilly/ authentic oriental costume in deep red w/ black trim/ named for a friend of Marie's. Tiny Tot 7 Year of Production 39.00   Original
1999 C62391 Baby Marie's 1st Birthday Tiny Tot In minature/ peach party dress w/ bunny/ Marie as a baby. Tiny Tot 7 Year of Production 39.00 Beverly Stoehr Original
1999 C62390 Lin Sky-blue jacquard trimmed w/ lace & chiffon accents/ oriental/ retail '98. Toddler 10 Year of Production 89.00 Joanna Cayot Original
1999 C27144 Beary Best Friends Blond-haired, blue-eyed toddler/ periwinkle blue underdress w/ white organza & lace pinafore apron/ "Beary" is a white plush Boyds Bear who wears a periwinkle blue chenille sweater w/ Boyds logo buttons. Quite a Pair 13/ 8 25000 119.00 Sonja Bryer & Boyds Bears Original
1999 C63039 I Love You Beary Much Tiny Tot Miniature replica of the original, "I Love You Beary Much", which Marie & Annette Funicello, collaborated on/ bear print fabrics. Tiny Tot 7 Hand Numbered 39.25 Marie Osmond & Annette Funicello Original
1999 C63040 Hannah Jo Crisp cotton pink dress w/ a white pinafore apron w/ pink & white trimmings/ rag doll/ named for a special friend of Marie's. Toddler 9 5000 69.00   Original
1999 C63041 Siamese Children To complete the "King & I" set of characters, Marie is pleased to present the "Siamese Children". On Broadway 4
2000 64.50 Sonja Bryer Original
1999 C63057 Lil' Cupcake African American minature toddler/ calico dress/ Retail '98 $52. Petite Amour Toddler 5 1998 39.25 Sonja Bryer Original
1999 C63058 Charlotte Victorian style dress of mauve satin w/ lace overlay/ velvet unconstructed hat & hatbox/ small tapestry rug/ blond/ Retail '98. Petite Amour 7 Year of Production 52.00 Cheryl Robinson Original
1999 C63059 Baby Alexis Pretty in Pink Pink, poofy, frilly dress embroidered w/ flowers/ blond. Picture Day 21 2500 84.50 Lisa Hatch Original
1999 C63063 Adora Beau Cuffed pants held up by suspenders/ crisp white-cotton dress shirt/ derby hat/ "bow" tie. Adora Belle 14 2000   Marie Osmond Original
1999 C63064 Damsel Dragonfly Teal green w/ black lace accents/ teal wings/ blond curls/ Retail 1998. Beauty Bug Ball 11 7500 89.50 Linda Henry Original
1999 C63062-626 C63062-627 Rosie & Rags Rag doll style/ red yarn hair/ stitch painted hands & faces/ red painted noses/ Retail '95. Twin 11 Year of Production 128.00 Beverly Stoehr Original
1999 C62389 Raimi Travel finery/ red, knee-length dress w/ eye catching black trim/ bonnet w/ black bow tie/ carries her much used luggage/ lovingly named after one of Marie's children's favorite nannies/ Retail '97 $300. Somewhere in Time 28 2500 185.00 Margie Costa Original
1999 C57090 Mindy Baby pink dress w/ front smocking/ quilt & outfit changes/ Retail version comes w/ white wicker trunk-style bassinet/ Retail '97 $234. Toddler 16 2000 94.00 Beverly Stoehr Original
1999 C67429 Amaya Eggplant-colored, lettuce edged dress w/ gold trim/ upswept dark hair w/ brown eyes. Picture Day 11.5 seated 5000 156.00 Sonja Bryer Original
1999 C67431 Baby Marie Vinyl's 1st Christmas Holly-red jumper w/ crisp white lace accents & teddy bear/ Vinyl. Toddler 19.5 Hand Numbered 99.00 Beverly Stoehr Original
1999 C67432 Cassidy Tiny Tot Evergreen velvet bolero jacket w/ holiday plaid taffeta dress/ white lace ascot/ blonde. Tiny Tot 7 Hand Numbered 39.00 Sonja Bryer Original
1999 C67433 Lil Dumplin Plaid toddler pants/ white collared shirt/ dapper vest & a petite bow tie. Petite Amour Toddler 3.5 Seated 2500 45.00 House Original
1999 C67434 Mini Jingles & Belle '97 Green velvet matching outfits/ Retail '97. Twin 4 2500 37.00 Beverly Stoehr Original
1999 C67435 Adora Belle Night Before Christmas Red thermal P.J.'s that reveal a festive message of Ho Ho Ho/ Retail '98/ Porcelain. Adora Belle 14 7500 110.00 Marie Osmond Original
1999 C63059 Grandma's Goodies Red plaid dress w/ white apron/ carrying a spatula & a cookie dish w/ gingerbread shaped cookies! Victorian Grandmas 7 2500 69.00 Sonja Bryer Original
1999 C67088 Queen Bee Vinyl Yellow & black striped, satin evening gown/ blonde hair & green eyes. Beauty Bug Ball Toy Collection 11 Open 24.99   Original
1999 C67088 Madame Butterfly Fitted sparkly black dress which flares at the bottom/ orange & fuchsia wings/ auburn hair & green eyes. Beauty Bug Ball Toy Collection 11 Open 24.99   Original
1999 C67088 Lady Bug Vinyl Red velvet bodice w/ black & gold dot accents/ full length black satin skirt w/ gold trim/ black hair & brown eyes. Beauty Bug Ball Toy Collection 11 Open 24.99   Original
1999 C67088 Countess Caterpillar Vinyl Lime green velvet dress w/ puffy sleeves & a cascading tail/ auburn hair & blue eyes. Beauty Bug Ball Toy Collection 11 Open 24.99   Original
1999 C96257 Count Cocky Cockroach Vinyl Red velvet vest/ tailored black satin pants/ red shimmering cape. Beauty Bug Ball Toy Collection 11 Open 24.99   Original
1999 C95751 Santa Baby Red dress w/ white buttons & trim/ Santa hat/ blonde hair & blue eyes. Toddler 12 seated 5000 159.00 Sonja Bryer Original
1999 C95753 Georgianna Burgundy & black overcoat over feminine flowing dress/ long dark hair/ English schoolgirl. Dear to My Heart 20 1500 130.00 George Osmond Original
1999 C95767 Cranbunny Cranberry colored mohair w/ ribbon. Bit-O-Bunny 4.5 Hand Numbered 39.00 Marie Osmond & Lisa Applebeary Original
1999 C95764 Christmas Memories Pop-up Christmas book w/ Santa/ retail '98. Story Book 7 Year 58.00 Charlotte Bellsmith Original
1999 C95756 Santa's Workshop Santa is creating dolls for Christmas in this snowglobe. Christmas 5 Hand Numbered 59.00 Alex Liao Original
1999 C95763 Olive May Christmas Radko Ornament Made of glass w/ red, green and gold dress accented w/ pointsettias. Ornament 7 N/A 39.00   Original
1999 C95758 Baby Glinda The good witch from the Wizard of Oz/ pink sparkly dress w/ crown & wand. Wizard of Oz 12 Hand Numbered 169.00 Sonja Bryer Original
1999 C95766 Rosie & Rags as Mr. & Mrs. Claus Dressed in festive reds & greens, as Mr. & Mrs. Claus/ retail '98. Twin 4 2500 50.00 Beverly Stoehr Original
1999 C95759 Tree Top Angel 1999 Rich burgundy & gold/ dark hair/ wings. Christmas 14 2500 186.00 Cindy Schafer Original
1999 C95761 Adora Belle Holiday 1999 Dressed in a gold w/ red under layers/ ribbons & lace trim/ long brown hair/ Vinyl. Adora Belle 15 N/A 49.50 Marie Osmond Original
1999 C95768 Sleep Tight Girl dressing snowman w/ earmuffs & a yellow blanket. Magic of Christmas 3 N/A 19.00   Original
1999 C95852 Under the Mistletoe Santa kisses Mrs. Claus. Magic of Christmas 3.5 N/A 19.00   Original
1999 C95854 Tree Topper Young girl helps daddy place the star on tree. Magic of Christmas 4 N/A 19.00   Original
1999 C95848 Yummy for his Tummy Girl leaves cookies and milk for Santa. Magic of Christmas 3 N/A 19.00   Original
1999 C95851 Stopping for Directions Santa checks globe. Magic of Christmas 3.5 N/A 19.00   Original
1999 C95850 Picture Perfect Girl is dressed for Christmas Photos. Magic of Christmas 3.5 N/A 19.00   Original

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By Rebecca Shannon