Year Item # Name Description Series Height Edition Size Cost Artist Sculpture
1997 C34520 Baby Cuddles Pink fuzzy pajamas w/ blanket/ blond hair. Sweet Dreams 13.5 1500 92.50 Cheryl Robinson Original
1997 C34752 Sunshine & Happiness Vignette of a young girl with vivid yellow rag ponytails, holding her matching rag doll, "Happiness"/ Blue eyes/ rosy cheeks. Toddler 21/11 7500 159.00 Beverly Stoehr Original
1997 C34830 Rachelle Dressed for a masquerade is/ ball gown w/ the most unique color combination/ carries a decorative mask. N/A 22 1500 254.00 Marie Osmond Original
1997 C34846 Ginger Holds a tray of fresh gingerbread men cookies/ gingerbread-themed print cotton dress. Miracle Children 9.5 1996 82.50 Charlotte Bellsmith Repro/Googly
1997 C34847 Kimberly Brocade dress w/cranberry trim/ long brown curls. Christmas 20 1000 199.50 Beverly Stoehr Original
1997 C36645 97 Mother's Day Greeting Card Mauve dress w/ lace holding baby. Greeting Card 5.5 1997 32.50 Beverly Stoehr Original
1997 C36646 Little Bo Sheep Playfully dressed as part sheep/ part little girl/ creamy white fleece dress, tail & ears accented w/ country gingham prints/ holds a shepherds' staff. Petite Amour 6 3000 49.50 Breta Finlinson Repro/Jumeau
1997 C36648 Paper Roses Baby Marie Vibrant rose-patterned dress w/ white organza pinafore/ trading card of the original "Paper Roses" album cover/ to commemorate Marie's #1 debut hit/ Vinyl. Toddler 19.5 5000 199.50 Beverly Stoehr Original
1997 C36649 Heavenly Hare Ostrich & marabou feather wings & a halo of gold/ white plush/ paws & ears are star-studded. Velveteen Rabbit 14.5 3000 153.00 Linda Henry Original
1997 C36660 97 Valentines Day Greeting Card Dressed as chocolate truffle/ pink & brown dress/ burnette. Greeting Card 5.5 1997 27.50 Marie Osmond Original
1997 C37698 Olive May Springtime Daisy & black checkerboard print dress/ oversized straw hat w/ coordinating fabrics & flowers/ named after Marie's mother/ Marie's signature is stitched into the stuffed body/ beauty mark near her left eye. Toddler 24 7500 198.00 Marie Osmond Original
1997 C37699 Baby Alexis Blond/ blend of blue & white fabrics w/ batten berg lace accents/ wears a locket w/ her picture enclosed/ Lisa's daughter. Picture Day 21 5000 204.00 Lisa Hatch Original
1997 C37701 Nicolette French re-creation from the 1875 time period/ lavender & white w/ pink trim/ bonnet. Somewhere in Time 23 2500 239.50 Beverly Stoehr Original
1997 C37713 Morgan '97 Teal attire w/ lace & satin/ matching hand bag/ traditional cameo at her neck/ dark brunette hair and green eyes. Collectibles 17 1500 188.00 Cheryl Robinson Repro/Mein Leibling
1997 C37717 Madame Butterfly Varied shades of purple and black ball gown/ butterfly style w/ RSVP. Beauty Bug Ball 11 7500 89.50 Linda Henry/ Breta Finlinson Original
1997 C37720 Cinderella Blue Gown/ blonde hair/ storybook that holds doll. Story Book 7 1997 48.50 Charlotte Bellsmith Original
1997 C37721 Laura Pastel tapestry w/ soft pink & créme lace accents/ stiffened lace hat w/ all the trimmings/ blonde curls. Petite Amour 6 5000 52.00 Cheryl Robinson Repro/Bru
1997 C37722 Deanna Red braids/ overalls/ radio flyer wagon & dog/ Becky's sister. Petite Amour 6 3000 68.00 Breta Finlinson Repro/Googly
1997 C37725 Pansy Dressed in satin purple pansies/ cupid body. Flower Babies 5.5 3000 53.50 Donna Stewart Repro/Cupid
1997 C37918 Lilly Oriental styled costume in deep red w/ black trim/ black straight hair. Toddler 22 5000 173.00 N/A Original
1997 C31949 Barbie Dawn Poodle skirt w/ white letterman's sweater tied around her shoulders/ black & white saddle oxfords/ ponytail/ her beau's ring around her neck/ named for Beverly's daughter. Somewhere in Time 22 2500 170.00 Beverly Stoehr Original
1997 C39067 Adora Belle Wide-eyed cutie/ pink & white dress/ bell charm. Adora Belle 14 20000 141.75 Marie Osmond Original
1997   Adora Belle Travel Case Slumber party time/ sleep clothes for Adora Belle. Adora Belle     31.00 Marie Osmond  
1997 C39142 Mr. & Mrs. Pilgrim Authentically costumed for Thanksgiving/ Mrs. Pilgrim holds turkey. Petite Amour 6 5000 96.00 Breta Finlinson Repro/Googly
1997 C39144 Strawberry Blondie Strawberry print dress w/ green accents/ carries a basket full of goodies to share w/ you/ blonde. Petite Amour 6 5000 52.00 Breta Finlinson Repro/Googly
1997 C39145 Sir Stink Bug Black top hat/ copper tails/ RSVP to the ball. Beauty Bug Ball 11 7500 89.00 Breta Finlinson Original/Linda Henry
1997 C39146 Jessica's Daddy Daughter Date She's all grown up/ special night out with daddy/ white lace dress/ long brown curls. All Grown Up 28 5000 228.00 M. Osmond/ B.Stoehr Original
1997 C39147 Baby Marie's 1st Birthday Monochromatic peach party dress/ gift box w/ plush bunny. Toddler 21 5000 198.00 B. Stoehr/ K. Seamons Original
1997 C39148 Dawn Sleeping baby/ teal cotton gown w/ matching bonnet/ blond, baby fine hair . Sweet Dreams 23 5000 199.00 Kathy Fitzpatrick Original
1997 C39150 Blue Boy Blue velvet/ purple tights/ replica of costume worn by Donny w/ pic. Somewhere in Time 17 2500 163.00 Cindy Shafer Original
1997 C39150 Pinky Pink gown/ replica of costume worn by Marie w/ pic on certificate. Somewhere in Time 17 2500 163.00 Cindy Shafer Original
1997 C39152 Constance Créme taffeta period dress trimmed in copper/ reproduction "Bru" face. Classics 20 500 325.00 Cheryl Robinson Repro/Bru
1997 C39153 Dream Baby Heirloom quality pillow & doll are done in pale, antique pink satins w/ plenty of lace and ribbon trim. Sweet Dream 9 1500 77.00 Cheryl Robinson Repro/Dream Baby
1997 C39154 Elise Printed silky créme fabric w/ soft pink & lavender accents/ blouson-type sleeves/ brunette curls/ gay 90's era. Somewhere in Time 32 2500 450.00 Lisa Hatch Original
1997 C41789 From God's Arms To honor adoption/ mint green gown w/baby/ cassette tape of Marie singing "From God's Arms". Mother Child 18 5000 188.50 Marie Osmond Original
1997 C42955 97 Christmas Greeting Card Candy Cane striped & green polka dot dress/ brunette. Greeting Card 5.5 1997 31.50 Beverly Stoehr Original
1997 C42957 Charles Knitted scarf/ holds folder of carols/ joins Carolyn. Christmas Carols 13 2500 129.00 Cindy Schafer Original
1997 C42959 Sleeping Beauty Soft blond curls/ tall & graceful in soft pastel chiffon and lavender velvet. Fairy Tale 20 2500 179.00 Marie Osmond Original
1997 C42968 Paula Cozy crème nightgown and robe w/ peach & green accents/ candlestick & favorite bedtime story Petite Amour 6 5000 51.50 Breta Finlinson Repro/Googly
1997 C42969 Santa's Helper Represents all the magic of the holiday season/ elf/ compliments Santa & Mrs. Claus. Petite Amour 6 5000 51.75 Breta Finlinson Repro/Googly
1997 C42972 Alexis Alexis all grown up/ black velvet bolero jacket w/ gold & black checkered taffeta skirt. Dear to My Heart 18 2500 178.50 Lisa Hatch Original
1997 C42975 Little Drummer Boy Dressed as in the story/ he played his drum for him. Story Book 8 1997 49.75 Charlotte Bellsmith Original
1997 C42978 Mini Jingles & Belle Country Ornaments Festively dressed in green print w/ green accents/ red haired rag dolls. Twin 4 2500 53.75 Beverly Stoehr Original
1997 C42983 Baby Megan Beautiful blue eyes & blond hair w/ frilly baby pink dress/ named for Beverly's first grandchild. Toddler 24 5000 204.50 Beverly Stoehr Original
1997 C42988 Jingle Belle Red satin dress w/ gold bell accents/ blond. Adora Belle 14 10000 175.00 Marie Osmond Original

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By Rebecca Shannon