Year Item # Name Description Series Height Edition Size Cost Artist Sculpture
1996 C16260 Angelica's First Birthday In soft pink & mint green party dress w/ white lace & pink satin rosette accents/ Jessica's nickname Jessica's Best Friends 22 5000 180.00 Beverly Stoehr Original
1996 C17949 96 Valentine's Day Greeting Card Maroon dress w/ ecru lace trim/ brunette. Greeting Card 5.5 1996 25.00 Breta Finlinson Repro/Dulce
1996 C17950 Baby Renee Antique-like gown trimmed w/ ribbon, lace & faux pearls/ holds blanket/ sucks her thumb & cries when tilted/ named after a dear friend Marie met while touring with "The Sound of Music". Toddler 20.5 5000 200.00 Cheryl Robinson Original
1996 C17951 Cinderella Curly blond hair/ white satin slippers/ pale blue gown/ pearl necklace & earrings Fairy Tale 22 5000 196.00 Lisa Hatch Original
1996 C17952 Thumbelina Sparkling lavender ruffled ruffles w/ gold accents/ blond curly hair. Story Book 7 1996 49.00 Charlotte Bellsmith Original
1996 C17953 Chrissy Ash blond curls/ country floral print dress w/ ecru cotton apron w/ delicate lace trim/ named after Marie's brother, Virl's wife/ holds her pet stuffed puppy. Best Friends 21 5000 175.00 Margaret Yokee Original
1996 C18143 Wendy Sunflower print w/ head band trimmed w/ sunflower button/ brunette. Petite Amour 5.5 3000 43.50 Marie Osmond Repro/Googly
1996 C18268-626 96 Mother's Day (Caucasian) Greeting Card Pink print w/ blue trim/ brunette. Greeting Card 5.5 1996 26.50 Marie Osmond Original
1996 C18268-627 96 Mother's Day (African Amer) Greeting Card Pink print w/ blue trim/ brunette. Greeting Card 5.5 1996 26.50 Marie Osmond Original
1996 C18450 Baby Marie Pink moiri dress (what else but pink!) w/ tasteful white lace trim/ Marie's baby picture/ Marie as a baby. Toddler 22 5000 198.50 Beverly Stoehr Original
1996 C18451 Fuzzy Baby & Hareiat Mother & child bunny vignette/ white plush & pink satin paws. Velveteen Rabbit 18 5000 176.29 Linda Henry Original
1996 C18452 Tatiana Pink ballet costume w/ floral & feather accents/ gracefully posed / 1st of four. Four Seasons Ballerina 16.5 1500 168.50 Linda Henry Original
1996 C18453 Denise Traditional blue cap and & w/ gold accents & tassel/ holds diploma/ named after Denise Palfreyman, a dear friend of Marie's who graduated in Drafting. Miracle Children 9.5 1996 73.50 Marie Osmond Repro/A.Marque
1996 C18476 Lydia Pink & floral Easter dress w/ lavender ribbon accents/ wide-brimmed bonnet/ long blond curls/ named after Allen & Breta Finlinson's 5th child. Petite Amour 6 3000 45.00 Breta Finlinson Repro/Googly
1996 C18477 Karen Named after a close friend & neighbor of Marie's/ mint green & floral tapestry coat dress w/ lace accents/ designed to compliment the decor in Karen's home/ heart shaped locket around her neck. Dear To My Heart 17 2500 145.00 Breta Finlinson Original
1996 C18478 Shelby Mermaid/ shimmery, sea-blue costume, trimmed w/ pearls/ sits upon a pearl covered imitation rock. Fairy Tale 22 5000 188.00 Cindy Shafer Original
1996 C18479 Playing Doctor Vinyl/ doctor outfit/ blue floral dress w/pink trim. I Can Dream 10 1996 48.25 Dixie Crystal Original
1996 C18497 Audrey Victorian era/ dressed w/ platinum blond curls/ maroon taffeta w/ black lace/ hat w/ feathers & rosette accents/ composition body. Classics 21.5 500 590.00 Cheryl Robinson Original
1996 C28331 Marta Candy striper outfit w/ pink sweater/ book & flowers/ named her after Marta Lake, whose husband is one of the founders of CMN, along with Marie, her family, John Schneider and Mick Shannon. Miracle Children 10 5000 96.50 Marie Osmond Original
1996 C28375 Beauty & the Beast Gold gown w/ vibrant pinkover dress/ blonde hair & green eyes. Story Book 7 1996 48.25 Charlotte Bellsmith Original
1996 C28371 Julienne Rabbit 1st Animal-faced rabbit/ white plush w/ carrot & recipes. Velveteen Rabbit 12 5000 122.75 Linda Henry Original
1996 C28350 Kim Pale lavender pageant dress/ "Miss Tiny Tots" pageant banner/ named after a good friend she met from ABC, Kim Fleary, through her sitcom "Maybe This Time"/ African American. N/A 19.5 5000 169.00 Margaret Yokee Original
1996 C28366 Rapunzel Rich blue satin & regal gold-trimmed period costume/ long, flowing light blond hair, ornately braided. Fairy Tale 19.5 5000 170.00 Jerri Mowry Original
1996 C28374 Alexandra Mint green ballet costume w/ colorful satin rosettes & satin petals/ represents summer in the series. Four Seasons Ballerina 16.5 1500 167.00 Linda Henry Original
1996 C33216 Calico Cathy Array of country prints/ holds her latest needle point project. Quilting Cousins 11 5000 112.50 Beverly Stoehr Original
1996 C28403 Queen Bee Yellow gown w/ black trim in bee motif/ scepter & invitation/ 1st in series. Beauty Bug Ball 10 7500 89.50 Linda Henry Original
1996 C23880 Miracle Rosie & Rags Injured little rag sister being pulled in a red wagon by her brother/ w/ Knickerbocker bear/ blue & yellow outfits. Twins 11 20000 145.00 Beverly Stoehr Original
1996 C28297 Sunflower Dressed in sunflowers/ cupid body. Flower Babies 6 3000 38.50 Jerri Mowry Repro/Cupid
1996 C28289 Nikki Named after the daughter of a long time business associate & dear friend, Ron Clark/ satin rosettes, faux pearl beads & white satin ribbon trim adorning a charming knee-length wedding dress. Petite Amour 6 5000 41.25 Marie Osmond Repro/Googly
1996 C28307 96 Birth Announcement Greeting Card Box designed to put photo in front/ baby dressed in batterburg lace. Greeting Card 5.5 1996 31.00 Breta Finlinson Repro/Dulce
1996 C28057 Amy Kathlyn Named for Marie's niece who was "America's Jr. Miss"/ the daughter of Wayne & Kathy Osmond, and is an accomplished violinist/ played Marie in a movie about the Osmond family called, "Side by Side"/ replication of the gown Amy wore during the talent portion of the "America's Jr Miss" pageant. N/A 22 5000 211.25 Rita Schmidt Original
1996 C32323 I Love You Beary Much Sculpted to resemble a "teddy bear" look/ teddy bear print dress/ holds original teddy bear by Annette Funnicello/ special 3-fold Certificate of Authenticity which includes a photo of Marie and Annette, & certificates for both the doll & teddy bear. Expressions of Love 23 20000 229.00 M.Osmond/ A.Funnicello Original
1996 C32402 Bru Hilda Witch outfit in festive Halloween prints/ carrys her trusty broom/ "Bru" reproduction face. Petite Amour 6 5000 44.50 Breta Finlinson Repro/Bru
1996 C32403 Bunny Love Cherub Sheer, white organza dress/ white feather wings/ delicate floral wreath around her bunny ears/ side-glancing eyes . Collectibles 6 5000 44.50 Donna Stewart Repro/B.Love
1996 C32407 96 Anniversary Greeting Card Blue sapphire dress w/ dark brown hair & blue eyes/ silver wrapped present. Greeting Card 5.5 1996 26.75 Marie Osmond Original
1996 C32410 Stephen Marie's oldest son/ in blue sweater/ walking shorts. Toddler 21 5000 229.00 Beverly Stoehr Original
1996 C32417 Hansel and Gretel Gingerbread-themed costumes trimmed w/ rick-rack & oversized buttons/ stuffed inside "Gretel's" pinafore apron are gingerbread men/ cranberry colored wigs. Twin 18 5000 203.50 Beverly Stoehr Original
1996 C32421 Morgan '96 Period costume of delicate peach lace and satin w/ peach & créme trimmings/ holds satin hand bag/ auburn curls/ dainty earrings and pearls. Collectibles 17 1500 152.50 Cheryl Robinson Repro/M. Lieb
1996 C32425 Cissy Country girl w/ bucket of frogs/ Marie's childhood nickname/ vignette from Marie's childhood. Country Girl 16 2500 133.00 Cindy Shafer Original
1996 C32600 Tea Cup Treasures '96 Baby dressed in a delicate gown & bonnetlays on a pillow inside a gold trimmed tea cup/ accented w/ sheer soft blue ribbon, edged in gold, with "Happy Anniversary" printed on it. Tea Cup Treasures 4.5 3000 59.50 Beverly Stoehr Original
1996 C32601 Georgette Créme & "Georgia" peach dress made of georgette/ green eyes/ blond curls/ sculpted by Marie's dad and dressed by Marie's mother, Olive/ named for Marie's dad. Dear to My Heart "Special Edition" 19 2500 169.00 George Osmond Original
1996 C34615-626 Santa Claus Sweet & Jolly as "Old Saint Nick"/ red & white santa outfit w/ black boots & belt. Petite Amour 6 10000 43.50 Breta Finlinson Repro/Bru
1996 C34615-617 Mrs. Claus Plaid skirt w/ gold accents & battenburg lace/ granny glasses. Petite Amour 6 10000 43.50 Breta Finlinson Repro/Bru
1996 C34754 Chantel Satin plaid dress trimmed w/ golden lace & ribbons/ classic burgundy coat trimmed in créme faux fur/ matching faux fur muff/ dainty burgundy earrings. Collectibles 21.5 1000 216.00 Cheryl Robinson Repro/Jumeau
1996 C34844 Olive May Christmas Deep green taffeta w/ green, red & gold festive plaid taffeta underskirt, belt & trim/ trimmed w/ white battenberg lace & red satin poinsettias/ beauty mark near left eye. Toddler 24 7500 180.00 Marie Osmond Original
1996 C34845 Mrs. Paws White plush w/ white satin ears & paws/ holiday red velvet apron w/ gold trim/ holds a wooden spoon & a festively decorated hot pad. Velveteen Rabbit 21 5000 153.50 Linda Henry Original
1996 C34842 96 Christmas Greeting Card Brown hair & eyes/ green coat/ muff. Greeting Card 5.5 1996 28.50 Marie Osmond Original
1996 C34755 The Nutcracker Blonde hair/ blue eyes/ dressed in pink nightgown w/ nutcracker. Story Book 7 1996 48.00 Charlotte Bellsmith Original
1996 C33849 Sarafina Snowflake Based on book of the same name about a magical snowflake/ comes w/ stunning, exclusive, Fenton Art Glass snowflake ornament/ dressed in snowflake motif/ white porcelain w/ flowing white hair. Christmas 15 11000 178.00 Cindy Shafer Original
1996 C34841 Carolyn In red hooded Victorian style coat/ mouth is posed open, as if she's singing "Oh Christmas Tree"/ named after Marie's brother Tom's wife. Christmas Carols 13 2500 129.00 Original Original
1996 C34848 Mini Jingles & Belle Ornaments/ rag dolls dressed in traditional red & green. Twin 4/4 2500 69.00 Beverly Stoehr Original
1996 C34843 Angela Soft silver & winter white dress trimmed in faux marabou feathers/ blond curls/ feather wings. Collectibles 15 2500 139.50 Donna Stewart Repro/Bru

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