Name Item # Name Description Series Height Edition Size Cost Artist Sculpture
1994 C10940 Hareloom Bunny Cream plush w/ a gold ribbon and rose floral accents/ beauty mark near it's left eye which replicates Marie's own beauty mark Velveteen Rabbit 23 5000 123.50 Linda Henry Original
1994 C10941 Bunny Love Molded bunny ears & hair/ frilly pink cotton Easter dress w/ painted eyes & shoes/ holds an Easter basket & stands on a decorative wooden plaque. Collectibles 6 2500 45.50 Donna Stewart Repro-Bunny Love
1994 C10942 94 Valentine's Day Greeting Card White dress w/ red hearts/ blond. Greeting Card 5.5 1994 25.00 Donna Stewart Repro-Jumeau
1994 C10943 94 All Occasion Greeting Card Peach & light blue/ brunette. Greeting Card 5.5 1994 25.00 Donna Stewart Repro-Jumeau
1994 C10944 Tush In crawling position/ cloth diaper & a decorative bib/ comes with her own hand-made, matching quilt. Collectibles 7 2500 76.50 Donna Stewart Repro-Dionne Quintuplet
1994 C12856 Caitlin & Bentley Black & white check jacket/ red outfit w/ dog. Miracle Children 9.5 1994 79.00 Charlotte Bellsmith Repro-Bru
1994 C12857 Becky Green & white checked bibbed shorts/ floral blouse/ Daddy's girl/ baseball/ named for Marie's nanny. Miracle Children 9.5 1994 76.00 Charlotte Bellsmith Repro-Twirp
1994 C12858 Anita Named after a good friend of Marie's who traveled as her wardrobe assistant for many years/ aqua colored satin w/ cream lace & faux pearl trim & pink floral accent/ painted black boots. Petite Amour 5.5 3000 41.00 Donna Stewart Repro-Jumeau
1994 C12859 Sweet Dreams Baby Sculpted hair/ baby blue pajamas/ sits on a stuffed moon/ plays "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star". Sweet Dreams 13 2500 89.50 Donna Stewart Repro
1994 C12860 Spring Showers Splashing in puddle/ yellow raincoat. 4 Seasons Small Wonders 7 4000 56.00 Donna Stewart Repro-Heubach
1994 C12861 Little Red Riding Hood Red cape/ brown curls/ crossroads marker pointing the way to Grandma's and to the woods w/ the wolf's picture on a "Wanted" poster/ signed by Marie. Fairy Tale 17 5000 199.50 Linda Henry Original
1994 C12862 Liana Named after a dear friend & back-up singer of Marie's/ confetti-pink satin dress w/ white lace overlay & trim/ blond hair accented by a pretty pink satin head bow/ locket w/ her very own picture in it. Picture Day 23 2500 150.00 Margaret Yokee Original
1994 C12863 94 Mother's Day Greeting Card Lavender dress/ brunette. Greeting Card 5.5 1994 25.00 Donna Stewart Kestner Princess
1994 C13113 Traci Pink print dress/ deaf/ signing "I love you"/ named for Marie's cousin. Miracle Children 11 20000 82.00 L Henry/B Finlinson Margaret Yokee
1994 C13198 Rosemarie Rabbit Bridal gown of lace, faux pearls & bridal netting/ holds a bouquet of red roses/ beauty mark near her left eye, which replicates Marie's own beauty mark, thus the name"Rosemarie". Velveteen Rabbit 16 5000 149.50 Linda Henry Original
1994 C13199 Little Red Riding Hood Storybook that holds the doll/ typical red hood outfit/ dark hair. Story Book 7 1994 48.00 Charlotte Bellsmith Original
1994 C13200 Gretl Aqua dress w/ lace trim/ blond/ flowers & ribbons in hair. Petite Amour 6 3000 51.00 Beverly Stoehr Repro-Googly
1994 C13202 Mopsy Bright red rag-doll hair & character-painted face & hands/ red & white cotton dress w/ a white pinafore apron, accented with red rickrack/ Rags twin. Twin 18 5000 104.00 Beverly Stoehr Original
1994 C13203 Rags Rag-doll hair/ stitched-painted porcelain hands & red button nose/ red & white gingham print shirt w/ blue cotton suspender shorts & hat/ peppermint-stripe legs. Mopsy's twin. Twin 18 5000 104.00 Beverly Stoehr Original
1994 C13201 Angelica Lavender & white lace dress accented w/ satin bows/ holds her cloth "church doll", which is so named because if it is dropped, it makes no noise/ Jessica's nickname. Jessica's Best Friends 22 5000 199.50 Beverly Stoehr Original
1994 C13706 Alice In Wonderland Delicate blue cotton dress w/ white pinafore apron embroidered w/ tea cup/ black shoes/ simple blue satin bow tied in her hair/ holds a white bunny/ long blond hair. Fairy Tale 18 5000 149.50 Juanita Openshaw Original
1994 C13708 Little Bo-Peep Storybook and doll/ bow patterned fabric w/ crook staff/ blond curls. Story Book 7 1994 49.50 Charlotte Bellsmith Original
1994 C13710 Tomika Vignette of an Eskimo mother w/ her little papoose. Children of the World 18 2500 198.50 Jerri Mowry Original
1994 C13711 Tina Named after a good friend & first nanny of Marie's children who was an answer to a prayer in her own life/ accessorized w/ bed & quilt/ kneels at the side of her bed in prayer Miracle Children 9.5 1994 116.50 Donna Stewart Repro-Twirp
1994 C13735 Virginia & Jordan Pink cotton dresses w/ white & mint green accents & lace/ named after Marie's niece, who was the first Osmond granddaughter to have a baby. Mother Child 17 3000 179.00 Donna Stewart Repro-Mein Liebling
1994 C13427 Father Christmas '94 Red velvet & white fur-like trim/ adorned w/ a Christmas tree, a goodie bag & various toys & trinkets/ snow-white beard & eyebrows made of mo-hair. Christmas 21 1000 313.00 J. Arnett Original
1994 C13428 Christmas Darlings '94 Two dolls w/ Xmas tree. Petite Amour 6 4000 152.00 Donna Stewart Repro-Googly/Jumeau
1994 C14515 Bryanna Winter white hooded coat, trimmed in faux fur & gold lame/ named for Marie's niece. Christmas 17 7500 149.25 Charlotte Bellsmith Rita Schmidt
1994 C14641 Celeste A child's first Christmas play/ pure white dress w/ white feather wings & holds a golden star. Miracle Children 9.5 1994 82.00 Linda Henry Repro-A Marque
1994 C14642 Bunny Love Christmas Molded bunny ears & hair/ green & red holiday plaid dress, adorned w/ gold bows on her dress & headband. Collectibles 6 2500 54.00 Donna Stewart Repro-Bunny Love
1994 C14645 94 Christmas Greeting Card In Red/ blond. Greeting Card 5.5 1994 28.50 Donna Stewart Repro-Kestner Princess
1994 C13714 Playing Mommy Vinyl/ with diaper bag. I Can Dream 11 1994 47.00 Dixie Crystal Original
1994 C14755 Eleanor Playing a round of croquet/ dressed in 1870's high society style/ all-American costume of rich red, white and blue. Somewhere in Time 18 2500 212.00 J. Hollebrands Original
1994 C14644 Angelica Xmas Green velvet party dress w/ complimentary gold, burgundy & white trim/ head bow, which was especially designed to coordinate w/ her dress/ Jessica's nickname Jessica's Best Friends 22 5000 228.00 Beverly Stoehr Original

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